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Marshawn Lynch Really Is All About That Action Ahead Of Memorable Super Bowl XLVIII

Marshawn Lynch Really Is All About That Action Ahead Of Memorable Super Bowl XLVIII

With Media Day in the books, all focus and attention can turn entirely on the practices leading up to the big game on Sunday, Super Bowl 48.

There were so many topics of discussion heading into this week, what with Richard Sherman’s statements after the Seahawks won the NFC Championship and all the overreactions that would follow, that so many members of the public and the media were focused solely on his post game reactions and put any talk of strategy or personnel matchups to the way side.

By Dillon Smith – Lead NFL Writer – @DillonSmithNFL

Yes, Sherman’s reactions on making the game-winning play for Seattle were bold but they were also true and every member on that team would agree wholeheartedly, as would many other players around the league.

However, while the defensive players for the Seahawks are the top ranked unit in the league and will give the Broncos’ top ranked offense all they can handle, it is on Seattle’s offensive side of the ball that the Super Bowl will be decided.

Marshawn Lynch is one of the most punishing and productive running backs in the league right now, and is without a doubt the hardest back to bring down. The way in which Lynch runs with the ball in his hands is quite the spectacle as he buries each one of his steps so hard into the ground and with so much force that it propels him forward in such a quick and ferocious way that makes it so difficult for defenders to tackle him. There will never be a play where an attempted arm tackle will keep Lynch from pounding away and anyone who tries will surely be made to look like a fool.

Beast Mode is so violent in his running abilities that, even when he has two or three would-be tacklers around him, he will bulldoze his way right through them without skipping a beat. That sort of power and drive is very rare to come by and Lynch isn’t letting that kind of rarity go to waste.

Grinding away at the Broncos defense will more than likely be Seattle’s formula to success, and there’s no question that Beast Mode will have that exact mindset. Lynch will want to set the tempo for the game on offense and Pete Carroll will feed him the ball all night if he gets the ground game going early.

Marshawn Lynch is an animal, plain and simple.

It has been well covered over the course of the past week that Lynch doesn’t step in front of the cameras too often and rarely speaks out to the media – but it is not because he is camera-shy or nervous. Lynch’s sole focus is always on how to perfect his craft and the task at hand, playing football. Now, this is not to say that those who do speak to the media aren’t focused on their jobs or don’t care. This is simply stating that he doesn’t want to deal with any sort of distractions and that is how he avoids them, by avoiding the media and maintaining focus.

In fact, Lynch’s interview with Deion Sanders on Tuesday pretty much sums it all up.

Sanders asked: “You just don’t want to talk, really?”

Lynch replied: “I’m just about that action, boss.”

That’s Beast Mode, ladies and gentlemen.

Whether or not eating Skittles actually improves Lynch’s game remains to be seen but however it is that he is able to flip the switch during the offseason, practice and game day, it has all paid off quite nicely.

Come Sunday, the accumulation of years of hard work will pay off for one of two teams and you can bet money, this will be one of the most memorable Super Bowls to have been played in quite some time.

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