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Roger Goodell Getting Rid Of Extra Points – Why Fix What Isn't Broken?

Roger Goodell Getting Rid Of Extra Points – Why Fix What Isn't Broken?

You have probably heard by now that Roger Goodell is contemplating getting rid of extra points next year.

In the new format all touchdowns would be worth seven points, unless the team wants to go for two. If that team converts the two-point conversion then they will finish the drive with eight points. If they miss then they will lose a point and finish with six.

By Joe Bond@FantasySixPack

Goodell’s reasoning for getting rid of them? “The extra point is almost automatic.”

He does have a point. Since 2004, 99.1 per cent of field goals have been successful. He also claims that every play should add excitement. After moving the kick offs up five yards, just about every one goes so deep or out the back of the end zone now and they are not returned at all. Will this genuinely improve the NFL spectacle or is it just another reason for him to reduce the risk of injuries and avoid future lawsuits?

Change should be embraced. Like replay being introduced in baseball. But this just seems pointless.

Why fix something that isn’t broken? Sometimes it feels like the NFL is changing things because they know they can and everybody will still watch. Enough is enough; leave the game alone before you turn it into the Area League or the CFL.

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