5 Reasons The New York Knicks Should Trade Carmelo Anthony

5 Reasons The New York Knicks Should Trade Carmelo Anthony

The question on every New York Knicks fan’s lips – will we keep Carmelo Anthony?

Melo’s reported $23.5million contract is up in two years and there is considerable speculation over whether the All-Star forward will stay or go.

Here, we take you through five reasons why we think the Knicks would be better off trading Carmelo Anthony:

By Luke Hoffman – @lhoff526

Organizational dysfunctions

The Knicks seem to be the only team in the NBA without a structured plan for the next three to five years. Every team, whether it be the two-time defending champion Miami Heat or the disappointing Milwaukee Bucks has a plan.

In the off-season of 2015-16, the Knicks will clear a ton of cap space as some major contracts come off the books and them room to re-sign Carmelo, if he decides to stay, and then give two other superstars max-contract. The question is – does anyone really want to come to New York?

The front office of the Knicks has done absolutely nothing to assure anyone with any sense of basketball knowledge that they are going to fix the problems. Until there is a plan with some hope, NY will not be a desired destination of potential free agents. Trading Carmelo and acquiring some solid pieces as well as draft picks would be a sign that the light bulb has come on.

Title or bust

Carmelo is on record saying he will do whatever it takes to win a championship and that is his number one priority. He would love to be the guy who brings the Larry O’Brien trophy back to the world’s most famous arena but how realistic is that?

As stated above, the Knicks have no set plan to create solid side capable of competing for honours. If Anthony stays then nothing is guaranteed next season and there’s no directions with new signings.

The Knicks are unorganised and Carmelo doesn’t need that at this stage of his career.

New younger NBA

Most people are not aware of this but the talent pool below 25-years-old is impressive. Young players are getting better and better.

Carmelo Anthony is going to be 31 before the Knicks can bring in another superstar to play with him. No matter who you are, once you hit the age of 30 your career starts to decline. Trading Carmelo for one/two players under the age of 25 and some draft picks would be the first step to you rebuilding this organization.

If you make a move like that it would be an eye-opener to the potential free agents in 2015-2016 and could make NY a more desired place to come play. Rebuilding through younger talent and future drafts seems like the most logical answer for the Knicks at this point.

Nothing in return is unacceptable

If the trade deadline comes and goes on Thursday February 20 and the Knicks still have Carmelo, they could be setting up for an epic disaster this off-season.

Carmelo becomes a free agent at the end of this season. If the Knicks do not trade him before he becomes a free agent and then he decides it is not in his best interest to stay in NY, the Knicks could be royally screwed.

Getting nothing in return for Carmelo Anthony is something that, under any circumstances, cannot happen.

At this point it is either trade him or re-sign him. If the Knicks somehow mess this up and let Carmelo enter free agency and then he leaves, the organization could have some big questions to answer from their support.


You cannot delay the outlook of this organization’s future. While the Knicks keep guessing, the rest of the NBA is passing them by.

Trading Carmelo would mean you are going to get younger and rebuild through youth and the draft. Keeping Carmelo tells the fans that the plan is in the offseason of 2015-2016  and the Knicks are going to be MAJOR contenders for high-end free agents.


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