Philadelphia 76ers Evan Turner Reveals Team-Mate Spencer Hawes Uses President Obama Toilet Paper

Philadelphia 76ers Evan Turner Reveals Team-Mate Spencer Hawes Uses President Obama Toilet Paper

Using a friend’s bathroom while you’re at their house shouldn’t really be a big deal.

That is unless you’re Philadelphia 76ers forward Evan Turner and you find out your team-mate Spencer Hawes’ uses President Barack Obama themed toilet paper…

By Stuart Hynd – @supers0nic_

Hawes is a self proclaimed Republican voter and was reportedly far from impressed when Obama’s health care bill passed in 2012, famously tweeting: “Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave. We might as well be Russia in 1983 #americancommunists”

And it now appears Hawes has taken his political affiliation to a totally new level after Turner posted the following picture via his Instagram account:

The picture had the caption: “Using the toilet @spenceneedle crib and I noticed his toilet paper. I refuse to use it though lol #mudbutt#lookingforadifferentroll”

It does make us wonder though, surely there is a law preventing people from wiping their ass with the President’s face?

Oh and in totally unrelated news, we believe #mudbutt may be the greatest hashtag to have ever existed.

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