Russian President Vladimir Putin Wants "No Gay Stuff" At The Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony

Russian President Vladimir Putin Wants "No Gay Stuff" At The Sochi 2014 Opening Ceremony

If you didn’t already know, Vladimir Putin is a big bit crazy.

The Russian President seems to be a constant fixture in the news these days, whether for his murky, seemingly violent past or his unnervingly strange policies, but his latest outburst is sure to take things to the next level.

By Stuart Hynd – @supers0nic_

Mr Putin met with Winter Olympic officials this week in order to clarify what he felt the Opening Ceremony should display about popular Russian culture and heritage…a meeting he, of course, attended shirtless.

Putin said: “We want the Opening Ceremonies to display Russia’s proud heritage. Music, art, literature, ballet, poetry. All of these have figured so prominently in our nation’s history. And, of course, do all that while underscoring the lack of homosexuals in our culture. No gay stuff.”

The Russian President added: “This is the Winter Olympics, true. But wrestling is a great Russian sport regardless of season. Having men writhe around together, grunting and sweating, will show the world what Russia is all about.”

“I also want all the male performers to be oiled up so the light glistens off of them and shows their hard, bulging, heterosexual muscles. I’m not an expert at this kind of stuff, but the more opposite-of-gay stuff like this that you can have, the better.”

Putin also said that he will judge the Opening Ceremony on whether or not they can make him “erect with patriotic pride.”

Putin’s homophobic comments are set to reverberate around the world and we can only expect that they will have a negative impact on Russia’s legacy following the games.

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