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10 People You Must Follow For the NHL Trade Deadline

10 People You Must Follow For the NHL Trade Deadline

Every NHL season, unless Gary Bettman cancels it, has the trade deadline. It is the last day that NHL teams can make transactions and acquire players from around the NHL. For us fans, its become an unofficial holiday for us and we all happen to be too sick to work or go to school and instead sit on our couches with every possible communication device open to every possible channel we can possibly find.

By: Adam Pyde  – @Adam_Pyde

The excitement has only increased with the non-stop growth of Twitter for breaking any kind of news. Did someone leave practice early? Is someone’s gear missing from their stall? Was a player seen talking to a coach or manager? Is a player wearing a different shirt than normal? What about his socks?

Anything and everything might be something and with journalists desperate to be “the guy” to break the news you can expect a lot of nothing to be hyped up as something.

And that is the fun of it!

But with so many marquee names swirling around the rumour mill like Ryan Kesler, Thomas Vanek, Matt Moulson, Martin Brodeur, Martin St.Louis and Christian Ehrhoff, how do you keep up?

Well your number one source for sport has you covered with 10 accounts you must follow to keep up to date with the latest buzz.

1. Elliot Friedman – @FriedgeHNIC
Arguably the most connected man out there. If it any GM’s even think about texting each other, he’s going to know about it.

2. Bob McKenzie – @TSNBobMcKenzie
Well, Bob is pretty plugged in too. We’ll call it a split between him and Friedman.

3. Pierre Lebrun – @Real_ESPNLebrun
A bit better connected with the French and New York area teams, but still knows just about everything league wide.

4. Darren Dreger – @DarrenDreger
He’s plugged in with Toronto and all the major markets.

5. Renaud Lavoie – @LavoieRenaud
He broke the Luongo news and if it involves a French player, he’ll likely be the first to break it.

6. Nick Kypreos – @RealKyper
Regardless of his analysis, he’s plugged in and has his finger on the pulse of almost everything.

7. Gord Miller – @GMillerTSN
He rounds out the TSN Trade-Breaker’s panel and for good reason. Manages to beat his colleagues to the scoop.

8. James Mirtle – @mirtle
A good Kamloops boy, like your handsome author, and is great at confirming the finer details of trades.

9. Andy Strickland – @andystrickland
Might be the best out there that most people don’t know about. He’ll have you covered, especially out west in the USA.

10. Chris Johnston – @reporterchris
This last spot can be almost anyone, but I gave it to probably Sportsnet’s number 2 behind Kypreos.

Bonus: Sports Pickle – @sportspickle
Because who doesn’t enjoy a few jokes as your team probably makes a horrible trade?

Bonus 2: Stay away from accounts tweeting obscure info. There are a lot of guys out there who will tweet things like “I heard that a Western Conference team is looking for a winger!” No kiddng. “A player with an S in their last name may be on the move!” Thanks tips. Don’t waste your time on these guys.

That should have all your bases covered. You’ll have everything from the latest conjecture, to big details, to the fine print of happenings all in your timeline.

Of course, if you’re looking for more specific rumblings on a specific team then you’re best to check out some of the local journalists and beat reporters. They’re as plugged in as anyone for the club.

Oh, and if you’re more interested in tears of sadness and obscure references, don’t forget to give me a follow on the Twitter(dot)commercial as well at @Adam_Pyde.

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