8 Reasons Miami Heat Won’t Win Three NBA Championships In-A-Row

8 Reasons Miami Heat Won’t Win Three NBA Championships In-A-Row

Three years and three finals appearances and Miami’s “Big Three” of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh have a pretty decent record since joining forces in South Beach.

But as we all know, what goes up, must come down.

And we here at Talking Baws see Miami Heat dropping like a tonne of bricks this NBA season.

Here are out top 8 reasons for why the Heat won’t win their third NBA championship in-a-row:

1. Kevin Durant

My hard hat is ready and waiting, but for me Kevin Durant is this season’s MVP.

His phenomenal scoring streak shows no sign of relenting as he pulls the Oklahoma City Thunder towards a probable 2nd spot in the Western Conference.

His buddy Russell Westbrook is slowing easy himself back into the action and they are a formidable duo.

If it comes down to Durant v James, it is Durant who prevails.

2. San Antonio Spurs

I mentioned 2nd spot in the West as the San Antonio Spurs look likely to finish in pole position.

They have a strong roster to cope with the long season and the injuries that brings.

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili show no signs of weakness and remain their driving force.

The Spurs were my tip at the start of the season and I’ve seen no reason to change my mind.

3. D.Wade’s Knees

Wade’s knees are shot, cartilage donations very much appreciated.

The risk of aggravation and missing key postseason games is never off the table.

One of Wade’s biggest weapons is driving to the basket where 2 bad knees is definitely a hindrance. His jumper is inevitably affected too.

4. LeBron’s Injuries

LeBron has been slightly more delicate than usual this season. Obviously there was the broken nose which resulted in James sporting a face mask.

We have also seen him going over his ankle, limping out of the last few minutes of matches, etc. This really makes you wonder if his body is starting to creak and asking for a bit of rest.

Heat fans will be praying his body holds up through the postseason as without him, it is game over.

5. Bosh Isn’t Good Enough

I appreciate that Bosh is firmly in the shade of James and Wade, however for me, he doesn’t deserve ‘Big Three’ billing.

His average is declining season after season and when you would expect him to step up to the mark if James or Wade are missing through injury, he often fails to deliver.

Bosh currently averages 12.1 ppg in the postseason which is not championship material. Only 6.8 rebounds per game so other big men, like Howard and Duncan, can dominate him in this area.

6. Strength In The West

A common discussion this season has been the strength of the Western Conference. While teams in the East behave like they don’t want a playoff spot, the West is battling it out.

The Dallas Mavericks are currently just out of the playoff positions in 9th spot with a .597 pct, which shows the strength in-depth of the teams out West.

The Spurs and Thunder have already been mentioned but the Houston Rockets, driven by Howard and Harden, and the CP3 and Blake Griffen led Clippers also deserve a notable mention.

7. History Isn’t On Their Side

Unfortunately for the Heat, history is against their quest.

They are aiming for their 4th finals appearance in a row, however only 3 teams have done this in NBA history.

The Celtics managed the feat twice as did a Magic Johnson inspired Lakers. Eight teams have made 3 in a row and failed to make it 4.

8. A Lack Of Depth

Out with the Big 3 of James, Wade and Bosh, the supporting cast just aren’t up to scratch.

The Spurs seemingly rotate, rest and replace at will with no negative impact on performance and result. The Heat on the other hand basically rely on 3’s from Ray Allen and Mario Chalmers.

Allen is 38 and Chalmers is solid enough but by no means a game winner.

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