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Luis Suarez Stops In Park To Play With 7-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome All Because He Had A Liverpool Ball

Luis Suarez Stops In Park To Play With 7-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome All Because He Had A Liverpool Ball

Luis Suarez has had plenty of criticism for on-field discretions throughout his Liverpool career.

But the nice side of the Uruguayan striker was shown recently when he stopped in a Merseyside park to play football with a Reds-supporting seven-year-old.

In the above picture posted by Reddit user u/benjibean the Kop idol stopped to play with the boy, who has down syndrome, and even let the youngster nutmeg him according to his uncle:

“Bit more background due to interest. Initially he just ran over and took the ball of my cousin . My uncle (pictured) didn’t realise it was Suarez initially and thought it was just some annoying man. Luis was interacting with my cousin and letting him nutmeg him. Yes that’s right, my seven year old cousin has nut-megged Suarez. Obviously my uncles was mind blown once he realised it was Suarez and asked for the picture. Now my cousin when he grows up has a picture with one of the best Liverpool players to grace anfield. So thanks Suarez. What a guy you are. This was around all the Evra/ivanovic drama, and made my believe he has a true compassion.”

It’s a heartwarming story about a player who must now be considered one of the best in Liverpool’s history.

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