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Tiger Woods “Backs” Out of The Masters; Opts For Surgery; Prolongs Elusive 15th Major

Tiger Woods “Backs” Out of The Masters; Opts For Surgery; Prolongs Elusive 15th Major

It sure has been quite the five years for Tiger Woods. The shenanigans of his extracurricular activities, wife leaving him, sponsors dropping him, tell-all books and gossip flying around, and his play has fallen off significantly. Things got worse for the worlds former #1 when he withdrew from The Masters this upcoming weekend because of nagging back injuries which have led him to opt for surgery.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

This raises the question if, and when, he will finally capture his elusive 15th major. Woods has never been quite the same since his “car accident” in 2009. He looked to be regaining some form last golf season but ultimately his struggles continued. He’s been plagued with knee and back injuries the last few years which have affected his play. Long gone are the days of picking Tiger versus the field.

Today he announced that he’d undergo surgery to fix his back. The future? Might not be all sunshine and roses.

This will also be the first time since 1995 that The Master’s will not have Tiger Woods as a participant. To put in perspective some of his injury struggles and why they are of concern, Tim Kawakami has a great article:

A stat: Since Woods turned 32, he has won one major (the 2008 US Open at 32), withdrawn from 5 and missed the cut in 2 others.

Again, from ages 32-38 (a golfer’s usual prime), Woods’ major victories: 1.

His major DNPs: 5 and possibly increasing to 7 or 8 by the end of this year.

His missed cuts in majors: 2.

Those aren’t good numbers, especially in comparison to Jack Nicklaus who continued his excellent play through the ages of 32-38 but had his grip on the world of golf start to wane afterwards. Tiger has already lost that position. Jack Nicklaus also didn’t miss a single major between ages 22 to 58, while Tiger is about to miss his fifth in the last 6 years.

Personally, I hope Tiger can come back. There is something magnetic about him that draws people to watch the PGA Tour that no other golfers have. Sure people will tune in to the final round as guys finish up. But I’ve never asked on a Friday “How’s Bubba Watson doing?” but I sure have checked to see how Tiger’s done.

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