Yankee Supporting Businessman Who Wanted To Name Bar “Buck Foston” Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit

Yankee Supporting Businessman Who Wanted To Name Bar “Buck Foston” Wins $1.5 Million Lawsuit

What lengths would you go to in order to embarrass and antagonise your rival team’s fans?

Well, whatever you would do, we bet you wouldn’t go as far as Lawrence Blatterfein.

By Stuart Hynd – @supers0nic_

The New Jersey club owner and lifelong New York Yankees fan wanted to name a bar “Buck Foston”, in a bid to irritate Boston Red Sox fans.

The move, however, was blocked by New Brunswick’s city mayor James Cahill, who just so happens to be a die hard Sox fan.

Cahill claimed he had rejected Blatterfein’s bid because of it’s “vulgar” name. 

Blatterfein decided  to take the matter to court, and, as reported by, has won $1.5 million when a federal jury ruled in his favor.

Holy Buck!





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