Celtic Fans React Angrily As Nir Biton Wades Into Israel-Palestine Issue On Social Media

Celtic Fans React Angrily As Nir Biton Wades Into Israel-Palestine Issue On Social Media

Nir Biton is in bother with some Celtic fans after voicing his thoughts on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The Hoops midfielder – born in Ashdod – took to Instagram on Thursday night showing his support for his country.

As many as 240 Palestinians have been killed since July 8 after Israeli forces launched a series of air strikes in a bid to “crush” Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip.

It’s believed 80 per cent of those killed were civilians and many children.

Biton’s first post was of a picture with the following which has been translated:


“He Who blessed our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – may He bless the fighters of the Israel Defense Force, who stand guard over our land and the cities of our God from the border of the Lebanon to the desert of Egypt, and from the Great Sea unto the approach of the Aravah, on the land, in the air, and on the sea.

“May Hashem cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them. May the Holy One, Blessed is He, preserve and rescue our fighting men from every trouble and distress and from every plague and illness, and may He send blessing and success in their every endeavor.

“May He lead our enemies under their sway and may He grant them salvation and crown them with victory. And may there be fulfilled for them the verse: For it is Hashem, your God, Who goes with you to battle your enemies for you to save you.

“Now let us respond: Amen.”

This sparked an outcry of criticism, and Biton then followed up with this post:


Celtic fans have tweeted heavily condemning the midfielder for wading into the controversial issue:

Biton’s Hoops team-mate Anthony Stokes earlier criticised the Israel Defence Force on Twitter:


  • Big g

    It’s a global club. Mr nir can say what he wants. Just because celtic are pro Palestine and anti-Israel..maybe they shouldn’t sign Jewish players in the first place. Rangers will gladly take them..and I’m a celtic man.

    • Rodger

      I am a Celtic man too Isreal has the right to defend itself

      • Daniel Hunter

        You are an absolute roaster if you think israel is merely defending itself.

      • By your logic, Britain was ‘defending’ itself during the war in Ireland….

        You are not defending yourself when you are on someone elses land my friend, you are attacking.

      • Of course they do!

        They are surrounded by Arab countries who have consistently said they will not rest until every Jew in Israel is dead.

        During the second world war the Royal Air Force bombed and killed hundreds of thousands of civilians.

        It was kill or be killed.

        Hamas has refused every Israeli attempt to establish a Palestinian homeland.

        They don’t want peace.

        They want to kill Jews.

        All Jews.

      • Mo Razzaq

        Rodger if that is Israel defending itself?
        If this was any where else they would be in the dock
        Also why are Palestinians uprising?
        Maybe because most of their land has been stolen
        I hope you are never in that position Rodger

      • Jam Jar

        Can’t even spell Israel ya thick cunt

      • Pablo

        you’re a fucking idiot roger

      • “Isreal has a right to defend itself” you are a plunker… defend itself from what??? You are a complete IDIOT who needs to be Educated… Get a life… Free Palestine!!!

      • is Something wrong with you Rodger? seriously Defending it self? Look at the fuucking facts!! go do some history before you post a coment.


      • Peter Mc Ardle

        Israel doesnt have the right to murder women and kids playing ball on the beach, nir biton go home i dont want to ever see you wear the hoops again

      • Judo

        Right? What right? Right of defending a land that they’ve been occupying? You calling Killing civilians mostly of chlidren, women and old men is a right? What do you even know about the zionist-Palestine conflict? Do you know that zionists have been committing genocides since 1940’s? Do you know how many hundred thousands of innocent Palestinians have been killed since then? Right to defend? Do you even know that these fucking pricks are who started it all? Do you know that’s not even a war because wars should be between armies not between fucking cowards and national resistance? I’m sorry to say this but You’re pathetic.

      • Shaki

        Israel is a zionist run estate, who ever does support them are believers and followers of the zionists.. these zionists are the real terrorists not muslims or christians but these zionists are.. zionists control the media to brainwash thick people like this celtic player… have you heard of the holocaust? well this is happening in palestine 24hrs since 1948, innocent people are dying everyday day… FREE FREE PALESTINE.

    • Get your head out of your arse you muppet

      • Dave

        Hamas is an radical islamic group,
        Israel idf is making the world a Big favor by attacking them.
        Remember, Hamas wants all of you to be muslems.

      • and you know why the provo queda friendly organisation known as celtic will ever be wanted in english football….how much money was raised by celtic fans at parkhead with the knowledge of the board for bomb making equipment..that killed men,women and children in england…..celtic fans= scum…hypocties,liars and paranoid….

    • you seem like a hasbarist troll to me. ur friends too.

    • Seamais

      Are you out of your mind? It is not about a Jew player. It is about a Zionist post by a Celtic player.

      • paul

        Well said Seamais, thts what a lot of people are forgetting its not all jews that are supporting this. But it looks like Nir is of the Zionist side of the wall unfortunately.

      • Nir post a jewish prayer for the safety of his people, whats worng with that?

    • Pat G

      Im a Celtic fan and I totally agree with you that everyone is entitled to their opinion. As for Celtic be pro Palestine.That is absurd. Just because someone waves a flag at a game.

      • KEVIN

        He can fuck himself and go back to Isreal.Then he can kill kids with 1000lbs surface to air missile. Get out of Celtic and pack your JEWISH NAZI bags .Free Palestine.

      • usually when you see someone defending the child killing state…. their paid by israel to troll the internet and lie about how good israel is and how its justified to kill little children …..
        and as for pro palestine Pat …. its not about that you absolute clown …. educate yourself on the zionist state …

    • cooperhero

      “Global club”, this one cracks me up, delusions of grandeur fc.

      • john reilly

        so how do you define global, celtic have supporters clubs and contacts all over the world, have played, toured, and signed players from all over the world why is that a delusions of grandeur,if that cracks you up, you fail to see the concept, presume you are trifc, a two year old global club.

        • cooperhero

          Real Madrid, Man U, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are probably the best examples, not some diddy club who has to play three qualifiers to get into the group stages.


        • cooperhero

          ha ha you fanny, predictable bheast

    • Jordan

      What does Judaism have to do with this? We tend to avoid religiously exclusive signing policies at Celtic as I’m sure you know “being a Celtic man” (aye, right).

      Zionism and Judaism are not equatable, much less support for the Israeli Defense Force’s murder of Palestinian civilians – men, women and children – and Judaism.

      • Joe

        Its not about Judaism or Zionism or any ism ending word, is about a F**NG terrorists firing missiles at my house and my family, and a guy Nir giving support to our soldiers for defending our country.

    • Prat

    • Ben

      Israel has the right to defend itself!!
      Sad for the civilians in gaza but HAMAS is a TEROR organization and his the cus for this sad situation.


      Any athar cuntry would do the same!!

      • Peter Mc Ardle

        Ben Israel is not defending anyone or anything they are slowly but surely pushing the Palestinian people out of what little land they have left, and by the way how many Jews have died in the past ten days i think its 1, but i would even debate that, while 300 Palestinian men women and kids have been brutally murdered by the IDF, just the same as the Brits did in Derry and Ballymurphy in our country, Ireland, Celtic you dont need a racist Jew at the club get rid of him immediately.

    • It’s not about being pro Palestine or Israel it’s about people being murdered for trying to live . If the British had left the Palestine alone and not give their country to the Zionist , typical Brits a country that wasn’t theirs to give away.
      If you look at history you will see who the real terrorist are , first hotel to be bombed , who by ?Israelies (90 + people died ) and two British army Sargents hung and their body’s bobetraped.
      Four 9 & 10 year olds murdered for playing football on the beach.!!!!!!!!!!
      No Celtic supporter has a problem with any Jewish person , the problem is with the Zionist Jews who look at Palistinian people as dirt and inhuman .
      As I am also a Celtic supporter it hurts when anyone takes anyone’s life , no life is cheap and I do have a problem with hom making statments like this as a Celtic player, I for 1 would hope he never plays for Celtic again.

      G you haven’t a clue

      • Lynn

        You have to learn some facts.

        Israel was willing to give up large areas as the state in favor of a Palestinian state and even did so in 2005 when it gave large areas of southern Israel and transmitted them to the Palestinian, to Gaza. Since the rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel did not stop Israel stopped the negotiations concerning the transfer of land to the Palestinians.

        It is true that a lot of civilians killed in Gaza. Gaza is small and crowded area. But you can certainly say that Israel is doing all it can to hit only Hamas people and his weapons caches and tunnels where contraband weapons. Those who really research reveal Israel announces citizens leaflets, phone calls and text messages before bombing certain buildings. Hamas does not allow civilians to flee their homes. Hamas uses Gaza’s civilians as human shields.

        Israel is a democratic country whose foremost human rights. Show me another country like Israel getting hit by Gaza missiles for years and although … it kept on providing Gaza electricity power, water, fuel and food!!! If someone had manages to destroy Hamas, then the citizens of Gaza would be living a different life today. If there was no Hamas would be a Palestinian State.

        The reason that there are many more Palestinians killed compared to Israelis. This is because an Israeli invention called “Iron Dome” system that actually detonates the missiles coming from Gaza intercepted in the air before they reach the ground.

        Let Israel Defense Forces do whatever it takes to eliminate Hamas. Any other country would do the same. Marking the end of radical Islam and terrorist organizations and you need to stop encouraging him.

        Free Palestine??? Have to say – free Palestine from Hamas.

        And No… No one is paying me! I am an American Christian! Who hate terrorists! Al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest. I wish the Israel Defense Forces to eliminate you all.

    • David smith

      Fuck Celtic
      Fuck Hamas
      Fuck the Ira

      Scum the lot of them

      Celtic fans who hate everything British except there passports tried for years to blow it apart with there bombs.just like Hamas the Ira are scumbags make no mistake Celtic fans that are shouting for Palestine ihas nothing to do with innocent people being killed it’s because the terrorist are getting fucked just like there Ira .celtic fc a Irish club playing in Scotland hate everything British but have the cheek to host the opening ceremony of the glasgow games.for the first time in years they will have a Union Jack above the piggery and god save the queen will belt out.its amazing what Celtic will do for money all those beliefs no poppy appeal no Celtic supporting soldiers allowed free tickets for games like every other club in the uk.but free ground improvements cheap land deals courtesy of glasgow Celtic council I mean city and Celtic are more than happy to open it’s doors.
      Celtic fans offended by everything embarrassed by nothing that’s the glasgow Celtic way.

      • Another Bigot on board i see…Another Bigot/Racist Thug who knows nothing about nothing…

      • Peter Mc Ardle

        David you utter gobshite, Rangers are finished, you will never see a European Cup/ Champions League at Ibrox, we at Celtic are a club in the black, we owe no money, you guys are in the red and will be for a long time to come, we are proud of our Irish/ Scottish ancestry, you lot dont know where you came from, and you surely dont have a clue where you are going, thats us champions of Scotland once again, i know its killing ye guys, thats what happens when you support a losing team.

      • David smith

        Hi peter your club has no debt why does every bit of land youz own have a mortgage on it to the co-op bank.why has your club to pay 19 million lump sum to co-op bank in 4 years time if youz have no debt.big peter has youz believe everything he says ask him why all your land is mortgaged to the hilt for a debt free club.

      • David smith
    • Dan

      How are celtic pro Palestine ? Where in our TOR’s is this written down. The guy has grown up in a country constantly bat War. None of you guys will ever understand that. Feel free to post your opinions with a distinct lack of empathy but feel free for me to ignore you.


      • Seamus O’Laden

        You do realise that Britain, for all but one of the last 300 years, has been at war with someone?

        Ignorant fool.

    • Camilo Ogle

      Rangers can have him ,as well as being zionish scum he’s a shit footballer, would fit in perfectly at Rangers on all counts

    • jinky mc jinky

      yes a right to defend itself , not bomb children playing football , and its very unlikely your a celtic fan ,

    • jinky mc jinky

      no way your a celtic fan , , and everyone on the planet is anti-Israel after you murdered 4 boys playing football on the beach .

  • Rodger

    I dont see the problem with his views as he is a Isreal citizen The ones to really blame are the terrorists hamas who fire rockets indiscriminetly into isreal and who would blow up every one in isreal if they could, and if it was not for the isreal defence who shoot down the incomeing bombs then there would be massive casulties in Isreal.

    • Daniel Hunter

      You at the wind up? You do realise the people of palestine have been made refugees in their homeland and forced into gaza, the largest open air prison in the world, only to be oppresed and bombed by the israeli state? Also remember it is a human right to resist occupation. It is not a human right to bomb a the most populated refugee campon the planet. You been watchin the bbc aye?

      • Jim

        All you foreign affairs experts who’ve never set foot in Israel or Palestine should butt out. You should also remember that first and foremost Celtic is a football club. If you think Biton is wrong in expressing himself like this, then by the same token you should not be using online platforms to personally attack him, or assuming your views are the same as the club’s, or the majority of the supporters. It’s a matter for the club to deal with, and maybe time to create a club policy on the use of Twitter. Leave it to them.

    • paul

      And what would you have done if someone came in and took your property, killed your family in front of your eyes, starve you block you in so you can get out of a 28 mile strip of land surrounded by millions of people just like you who have been subjected to the same horrors. tell me what would you do? Just because you have been brought up here where we dont have to deal with these sort of issues does not make it right.

      • Dave

        What the fu*k r u talking about??!
        Stop this lies!!

      • Seamus O’Laden

        Ideally they should wait until Nir Biton goes into his locker at Celtic Park, bulldoze it, him and all his possessions down the walkway onto London Road, kick him all the way along it to Carntyne and punch his mum in the face.

        Then build a new, shiny locker and give it to Beram Kayal.

        Fuck the Zionists!

    • Phil

      More brains in a false face you fucking muppet.


    • Jordan

      How many Israelis have died in rocket attacks since the start of this conflict and how many Palestinians have been murdered by the Israeli state? I’m not condoning the rocket attacks but if you think Israel is retaliating with proportional violence (or indeed retaliating), you’re wired to the moon. Hamas are poorly equipped with outdated, unreliable munitions; Israel has one of the most advanced military forces in the world. They’re throwing stones.

    • Cause you aint in Gazza.fact…………………………

    • Are you blind as well as deaf?

      Read this article by Henry Siegman, a nonzionist jew.
      Hamas not firing rockets & form unity goverment with Fatah, as Bibi Netanyaho makes every attempt to stall peace process that collapses.
      3 israeli teena go missing with police refusing to release telephone recording.
      Hamas get blame, no habeas corpus and no evidence bomb to homes & arrest 900.
      Israel shell Gaza.
      Hamas retaliate & idiots follow the lies propagated by IDF/Israelis.

      Rest of world & nonzionist Jews see sense. See works of Ilan Pappe or Finklestein.

      Oh & now Israeli has foriegn jihadis fighting for them. Estimated 100 Britons & under act/law from 1850 it is treason!

  • your at the wrong club Biton , the vast majority of celtic fans support freedom for the oppressed regardless of where in the world that is ….END THE SIEGE ,,,FREE PALESTINE

  • paulspikefarrell

    As an Israeli I think he is entitled to support his country which has been under attack from indiscriminate targeting from Hamas. Hamas is a terrorist organization. No doubt the Celtic fans who support terrorism haven’t heard of the ira bombs blowing men women and children to smithereens. Wake up and get a grip.

    • I have to say I find it beyond ironic when people refer to those trying to defend their land from someone else attempting to occupy their land are the ones who are the terrorists.

      Catch yourself on!

    • paul

      and who makes these titles up? i would say the British the Israeli and American governments were terrorist organisations. So its ok for them to bomb for oil but when someone fires a tin rocket they are a terrorist remember 1147 rockets fires from gazza 1 death but from the 1603 strategic attacks 194 deaths including 4 kids playing football on a fucking beach. so you wake the fuck up and get a grip stop watching mainstream news and stop being a sheep.

      • Joe

        As you don’t think “tin rockets” are a problem I will send them to you to see how it feels, just send me your address.

    • Seamus O’Laden

      As an Israeli and appearing to support a Fascist state, I find you utterly reprehensible.

      A terrorist is what a big army calls a tiny army.

      Take the blinkers off and look at what your country, sponsored by the US and the UK, are doing to some of the poorestband weakest people in the middle east.

  • Danny

    Celtic is a football club not a Parliamentary party or any other kind of organization, get a grip, if it was Ireland or Scotland in Isreals position defending against England for example what would you say then? He’s human he has his opinion!!

    • Marko

      “Israel defending their territory…..”

      I’ve heard it all now.

      The Palestinians have been ethnivally cleansed and massacred to the point that they barely exist IN THEIR OWN LAND! They are NOT the aggressor here! Israel daily, before air strikes etc, send in the bulldozers to clear out Palestinians from their land, contravening UN resolutions, to allow Israeli settlers to occupy.

      Similar happened to the indigenous Irish in Cromwellian times when they were starved and forced west. “To hell or Connaught”. This is state sponsored murder and must be stopped.

      By the way, it is fans of the new TRFC’s default position to be angry and against everything that Celtic supporters believe in. In fact, their default position is to always back the aggressor. A nasty, stinking, shitty, pseudo nazi, bullying, try to hard to be confrontational shower of 12 year old arseholes. They have never matured beyond the age of 12. Rule Britannia, blinkered, pathetic, inbred and sinister. The “we are the people” mentality will always keep them in the gutter. They would rather be kings of a shithole than citizens of an Utopia. They will forever be splashing around in their own piss and shit, singing that they arra peepel, glorifying a monarchy that detests them. That is the funniest aspect of all!

      Anyway, pathetic that they feel the necessity to post here and spew their bile. There are families being wiped out on a daily basis in Palestine and their own logic is that because we stand against what is happening, they are pro Israel…..

      What happened to a case of right and wrong?

      Hamas are retaliating with nothing better than the kids run about our streets with on Halloween or November 5th. They have such a tiny portion of their own land left to fight for, so few in number that they are almost extinct, and they are met with the fullest might of the Israeli/American and UK military. THAT is shameful!

      “But they use their own people as human shields….” Do they? Do they really? Have you seen the demographics of Gaza and the West Bank? Have you seen the size of these areas and the fact that they have no option where they reside?

      Do you know that this conflict was engineered by the British via the Balfour declaration in the 1920’s? Do you also know that the Zionists started the conflict and that Jews and Arabs coexisted peacefully prior to this?


      Why am I not surprised, you ignorant, racist, fools.

      Anyone defending Israel here has blood on their hands. Shame on you.

      • Niko Bellic

        Go fuck yourself you little piece of garbage. Israel doesn’t care about the opinion of some European media believer. Israel will defend itself by whatever means necessary. Israel is a nuclear power that won’t go anywhere anytime soon and you are ultimately gonna suck it up and like it.

  • Perthbhoy

    “the majority of celtic fans ….” Really broad generalised sweeping statement there, don’t really give a flying toss about the Middle East conflict and see my team, as a football team not a middle east political support group.

    I am fed up with a constant stream of bile that highlights one Israeli atrocity at the expense of another Palestinian atrocity from website purporting to be around Celtic. I don’t see these website carrying condemnation of the “Disappeared in NI” or the killing of 3 teenagers which restarted this conflict in Gaza.

    It seems to me we seem to be moving to agree with us or else mentality on this topic, similar to the referendum. That to my mind is a RFC or now The RFC mentality not they Celtic way.

    Nir has a right to support his country as he sees fit, if we don’t agree, it is up to us to be civil in our comments and seek to educate about our beliefs and position.

    • hasbarist trolls used to be way more deceptive in the past. You guys are slipping. Not fooling anyone buddy. Killing kids is a Human issue, not a Palestinian issue. #FreeGaza #EndtheOccupation #ZionismIsRacism

      • perthbhoy


        Born and bred a Tim, travelled from Aust to Seville, best moments seeing us beat rangers 4 – 2 to win the league. Whats your history? So just because i dont support you I am a troll. Go support the Huns, cos that their style.

        Your right killing kids is wrong, so I take it you feel that way for 3 Isreali teenagers then?

        I suppott a team not a cause

    • Joe

      Well said

    • paul

      see this i the thing perthbhoy, people just not caring. its ok im living my wee life up here in perth and it does not affect me why should i give a dam? well aint you the lucky one. As for that ridicules statement about the killing of 3 Israeli teenagers which started the conflict, this just shows the level of interest you have on what happens in the world. this is not about all jewish people this is about the Zionist section of the jewish people who want a jewish state and will do anything to get their own way including genocide. the prime minister is stated as saying if israel became less than 30% jewish then they no longer have a jewish state……………last person to claim things like that was hitler.

      • perthbhoy


        Who said I didnt give a damn or that the death of 3 Isreali teenagers caused the conflict? You are reading what you would like to be there, not what is. So i expect you will send apologies?

        I have been to Isreal, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt and Syria, so alologies accepted for not knowing about the conflict or the region too.

        I asked about why it is ok for one side to kill kids and not for the other. I ask you, is it ok for you to rant about the extremes of zionism while forgoting the stated aim of Arab states and Palestinian political to destroy Isreal and Isrealis?

        Whatabootery is fun but solves nothing.

        As for your Hitler comment, context is everything want me to quote the Grand Muffti quotes about Jews from WWII?

        I disagree with both extremes, why, because innocent people get killed irrespective of faith, colour, creed.

        I support Celtic FC, always have, always will. It has nothing to do with my politics or religion but my belief in football and it is the beautiful game.


      • perthbhoy

        Nice to see you have the Bill McMurdo level of argument. I take it you get paid by the House of Saud, given your logic?

      • Wolf

        Seriously? Are you a 12 year old boy with a comment as Rediculous as this?

    • Seamus O’Laden

      Disgusted by your “I’m alright, Jack” attitude.

      I think you will find that most humans who actually have a heart will be supportive of Palestine.

      Speaking as someone who has worked voluntarily in refugee camps briefly there, they are being massacred and our media are telling us the Zionist side of the argument.

      It was only after the Balkans war that we heard about the likes of Srebrenica, it was only after the liberation that we found out about the concentration camps in Germany, Poland et al. This is happening here and now and we are, via a new media, witnessing the massacre and the brutal expulsion from their own land of the Palestinians.

      And yet you STILL turn your face away.


  • I hate that we as a club feel the need to pontificate who a man should support or not remember in many peoples eyes we supported terrorists. and in the eyes of Biton we are again. What matters more than anything else within the name of Celtic is what he does on the park. I don’t care that he supports his country. I want him to deliver on the park for us. If Celtic fans are that bothered about palestine then voice yor concerns you opinions but don’t go hating on a Celt who is from the land your vilifiying because he stands up with his countrymen. Whats next? crucifying a Celtic player if he feels Scotland should stay in the Union? time for Tims to separate politics and football. for me it Club first politics second Hail Hail.

    • Joe

      Here’s a Celt with something worthwhile to say!!

    • Robert

      As a big blue nose Rangers supporting Unionist, can I say you are almost spot on with this post waterb*oy. Hope you don’t mind this vote of confidence and that it does not undermine your credibility.

  • Stefan Slim

    He has more right to comment on this than the fans criticising him, who the hell do you think you are guys? Judge and jury from thousands of miles away, Israel is his home wether you like it or not. HH

    • Joe

      Correct..How would the fans here feel like when there are 1000’s of rockets hitting their home town!

      • Seamus O’Laden

        Thousands of rockets????

        Hamas don’t own “thousands of rockets”!!!!

        Enjoy your copy of The Sun this morning.

        Honest to God, I truly despair!

  • Mark campbell

    Celtic fans sticking up for Biton are just as bad as him!!!! Don’t come back to our club either. Scumbags

    • How dare you piece of trash, Do you think you own Celtic football club ?. It’s vermin like you who should stay away. Your kind give Celtic a bad name.

      • Joe

        Well said Anthony, why aren’t the fans shouting about Syria or Jordan where 100000 civilians have been killed!

  • Jamie McSorley

    Celtic football club: inclusive to all. Unless you’re from Israel that is.

  • kevin taylor

    He has a right to defend his country as does anyone else , but he should have realised that being a celtic player will put him in the spot light what ever he says for or against israel. he is entitled to his opinion as is every one else but he was an idoit posting on twitter as this could spell the end of his celtic career as the club dont take to kindly to bad publicity. but imaging a celtic great like henrik commenting the same would so many people slate him or turn a blind eye cause he is a great , and for the record my opinion is there both as bad as each other but will say the media like to make out it is all palasteine fault when fault on both sides hh

    • erika

      the fans calling him names because he is jewish and calling him a zionist doimnt realise how actually racist they are being. Yes, what Israel is doing is wrong and it was silly of him showing support for them on a social media website when it has been reported how many children and women etc they have killed so obviously everyone is against these views, but this doesnt call for you to be racist to him.

  • leave the poor guy alone, he should know better to post political views, a slap on the wrist should be sufficient!!

  • Spikeybhoy

    Ah the old both as bad as each other comment, where have I heard that before? do you work for the Scottish media? You do Celtic fans a great disservice if you think any player wouldn’t get slated for the same views.
    Is defending yourself wiping out 4 children playing on the beach?
    NB has every right to comment as he sees fit but don’t expect others not to express their opinions, especially when his comments are in support of people who have spent the last few days murdering children.

    • Lynn

      You have to learn some facts.

      Israel was willing to give up large areas as the state in favor of a Palestinian state and even did so in 2005 when it gave large areas of southern Israel and transmitted them to the Palestinian, to Gaza. Since the rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel did not stop Israel stopped the negotiations concerning the transfer of land to the Palestinians.

      It is true that a lot of civilians killed in Gaza. Gaza is small and crowded area. But you can certainly say that Israel is doing all it can to hit only Hamas people and his weapons caches and tunnels where contraband weapons. Those who really research reveal Israel announces citizens leaflets, phone calls and text messages before bombing certain buildings. Hamas does not allow civilians to flee their homes. Hamas uses Gaza’s civilians as human shields.

      Israel is a democratic country whose foremost human rights. Show me another country like Israel getting hit by Gaza missiles for years and although … it kept on providing Gaza electricity power, water, fuel and food!!! If someone had manages to destroy Hamas, then the citizens of Gaza would be living a different life today. If there was no Hamas would be a Palestinian State.

      The reason that there are many more Palestinians killed compared to Israelis. This is because an Israeli invention called “Iron Dome” system that actually detonates the missiles coming from Gaza intercepted in the air before they reach the ground.

      Let Israel Defense Forces do whatever it takes to eliminate Hamas. Any other country would do the same. Marking the end of radical Islam and terrorist organizations and you need to stop encouraging him.

      Free Palestine??? Have to say – free Palestine from Hamas.

      And No… No one is paying me! I am an American Christian! Who hate terrorists! Al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest. I wish the Israel Defense Forces to eliminate you all.

      • john d

        what you have wrote here completely is at odds with the reality… you clearly are a zionist or simply an idiot.

        FACT 1 Israel is a nuclear power, the 4th most powerful military country on the planet.
        FACT 2 Palestine/ the west bank is a territory illegally occupied by Israel – see United Nations details.
        FACT 3 Israel are guilty of day by day torture and atrocities on Palestinians
        Fact 4 Breaking The Silence is a group of ex IDF soldiers who have decided to admit to the world the atrocities they carried out on men, women and children for the Israeli state.
        Fact 5 There are many many Jewish organisations that are thoroughly ashamed and are campaigning against the Zionist state.
        FACT 6 A Zionist politician has called for the killing of all arab mothers in Palestine and the West Bank.

        I could go on, but its a waste of time dealing with bitter deniers of the new apartheid state.

      • Charlie

        Hamas is the democratically-elected government of Palestine, regardless of what you think of them “Lynn”.
        Netanyahu and Israel have the power in this particular context and because of that they should take the lead in organising a peaceful agreement between the 2 peoples imo, rather than this disproportionate action they are involved in.
        No one should have to live the way Palestinians have to live at present.

    • Robert

      Does defending yourself allow wiping out 2 children in Warrington?

    • Nationalist Hater

      You lot don’t do Irony do you’s? Birmingham, London, Manchester, Omagh, Eniskillen?

      Israel has every right to respond to these rockets by whatever means necessary, You seem to forget that Hamas want these children dead, a bit like the IRA

      Scumbags the lot of yous

  • john d

    nir has every right to comment, from israel or not.

    that he’ll get shit for doing so is no surprise, one of the reasons we are ‘more than a club’ is our history that includes the irish diaspora and all that comes with that.

    as for posters saying that each side is as bad as the other and israel is just defending itself…. well, ill try and keep it simple for you, clearly you only read tabloids; one side is a nuclear power supported by the USA, it is the 4th most powerful nation on the planet – the other side mostly throws rocks… israel is, under international law, illegally occupying palestinian land and kills palestinian children at the rate of 1 every three days… i could go on, but i guess the zionist apologisers cannot read this many words at one go.

    oh aye, before anyone posts ‘keep politics out of fitba …yayayayay’, what is it that gives celtic its global fan base? do you happy clappers really believe its because we are in the EPL and have a unique shirt? Go to NYC, Boston and anywhere else and see what flags the tim bars have… then ye’ll see why we have a global fan base.

    as for Nir, i personally don’t want him at the tic.

    • paul

      well said, the ignorance from some fans on here makes me sick. they should count themselves lucky it aint them, rather than being sheep all their lives

  • aconno21

    Why, oh why can Celtic fans not just support our team without dragging politics into it at every single turn???
    I support a FOOTBALL TEAM! Whilst I have my strip on and in that stadium I don’t give a flying f*ck about Israel, Palestine, Ireland, Scotland or England! Only thing that matters is Celtic and is the player committed and good enough to be on the park!

    If you want to discuss these things join a political group! Thing that really gets me is half the people commenting probably don’t have a clue and are just sheep jumping on the bandwagon!

    • Danny

      Good to see there are some sensible folk on here.He is a Celtic player,he is entitled to his opinion whether or not you agree with it.The first poster stated Celtic are pro Palestinian and anti Isreali….really?Where does he get this information from?I have never known the club to be anti anyone.

  • Stuart

    Mr Deila if you read this then do the decent thing and ban all players from social sites and Mr Biton please think before you speak about your countries problems as it can upset others, personally if it was happening in scotland we would all be commenting and not all the comments would be recieved well but its something he has to deal with as its happening to his country and we should respect that and let him have his say

  • Stu

    Celtic fans and their irony, unbelievable.

  • Shortyt

    Dont agree with the guy but respect his right to an opinion ,

  • This is not about whether or not Celtic as a club or their support are pro this or anti that, this is about a current Celtic first team player posting a Zionist message in support of the current massacre being undertaken by the state of Israel in Gaza, the murder of children and innocent people. I didn’t see Nir Biton post anything about support if his country last week it last month, so he must agree with the current massacre to post at this time. We have all talked about opinions and people being allowed to have their say, well I’m a season ticket holder and a shareholder and I don’t want anyone playing for my club and wearing the hoops who holds such dangerous views irrespective of where they are from. Nir Biton needs to come out and explain his post and tell us, the fans who pay to see him every week if he supports the slaughter of innocents and please don’t come back at me about Israel defending itself etc etc because if you do, it shows you really do not understand the current situation for which Biton showed his support. If he is in support of this current offensive, then I don’t want home anywhere near my club and will do all in my power to get him out, whether that be protest, season ticket withdrawal or whatever it takes. Hail Hail

    • dandoyle

      You dont want anyone with such dangerous views playing for our club, what about Stokes, who seems to hold the IRA/REAL IRA in high esteem. I take it you want “stoksie” out then.
      Biton probably did national service; he may well have friends in the army and is worrying about them as any normal person would.

    • Dave

      It is I find it quite inconvenient and distressing to know there is a terrorist supporter in our fans or shareholders of the club. What kind of ”massacre” you are talking about? Those innocent people voted to the Hamas and support it. The Hamas launch missiles, stores weapons and dig tunnels in the houses of those innocent people. Those innocent people decided to stay in the fighting zone even though the Israeli army has sent them several warning of an upcoming bombardment. It’s true some of the Palestinians are innocents and the Israeli army tries to avoid such casualties but unfortunately Israel needs to defends itself and sometimes innocent people can get hurt.
      The Palestinians are the one and only side who shoot missiles on innocent civilians since they cannot target their missiles in such accuracy and they can only set the direction.
      They shoot missiles on populated cities and towns, not on military bases or tactical targets.
      Anyhow, I do think that Nir was stupid to share such a post…the reaction for it was quite predicted

      • The standard of English in many of these posts is poor. It’s as if English is not a first language for many.

  • Pat McCarthy

    Get a grip. The socialist bitter intolerant Left do not respect freedom of speech. Celtic are a football team. Get it. A football team. Biton is a brilliant Celtic football player. Keep your communist crap to yourself.

  • Ahmood

    Wipe them off the map

    • Joe

      Ahmood..if you feel like that, why haven’t you gone to serve with Isis like your other Brothers??? The is no place for politics in sport!!!

    • paul

      see ahmood comments like this are the reason people can justify why israel is doing hat they are doing, they have a right to be somewhere in the world but not at the expense of genocide & your comments only help the people that see what israel are doing as defense. no one deserves to be wiped out.

    • dave

      go back to iraq!
      what r u doning here?

  • ewanbhoy

    everyone is entitled to their opinion but I don’t think Glasgow celtic football club should be used in this topic. if you express your opinion you are doing it on your own and it has nothing to do with celtic, player or fan alike your view doesn’t represent celtic in any way.

  • Bored of the “Rebels”

    Typical “rebel” dummies forcing their opinions upon Celtic FC and fellow fans.

    Just because you believe or support in a cause or issue does not mean the club or the entirety of the fan-base also supports that cause.

    Nir Biton is allowed to express his own opinion just as you are. Those saying he should be fined or kicked out the club need to cut the hyperbole.

  • dandoyle

    The hypocrisy shown here is staggering, sitting in comfy wee lives in Britain or Ireland, never knowing what its like to experience rocket fire or bombardment,unless you lived through the troubles with our own killers of both sides.
    If you had a family running to an air raid shelter every night it would be a different matter.
    Dont claim to speak for the “majority”, you dont!
    Nir Biton who has lived through the problems is not allowed an opinion on it, but Stokes, terror supporting, pub fighting, trouble attracting Stokes, who has been given a very comfortable life by our club and who keeps letting it down; is allowed to spout crap.He should be banned from social media,
    Pity the poor palestinian people who are at the mercy of a medieval terror group; whose only reason for existing is the death of Israel.
    The palestinian people are pawns in Hamas campaign of murder and terrorism.It suits hamas to have children and civilians killed.
    No death,no publicity, harsh but true.
    Hamas, who massacred the only opposition in the west bank when they came to power, they have an awful record on human rights. And they send people to their deaths with explosives strapped to themselves as homicide bombers. Pity the Palestinian people,, the israeli government try to save their people from terror,hamas want death and destruction.
    It’s not about freedom, its a war to fill hamas coffers and get terrorists freed.Hamas dont want peace, and they will be raging that theres a bigger news story to take the world media attention away from their organised funeral displays.Harsh but true.
    no one speaks for all the Celtic support, dont claim it.
    Save all the children of the middle east; arab and israeli.

    • Uh-oh

      Well said.

  • jim

    Didn’t anyone tell Nir when signed he was joining the world’s most dedicated terrorist lovers? From the “ra” to Hamas, #AnyTerroristsWillDo

  • Sam

    Biton can say what he wants as an individual. People have the right to respond also. Freedom of speech!
    The club could sack him and would be justified in doing so in my view.
    He is employed and subject to employment law. I guess the club won’t sack him, but maybe speak to him.
    I’m pretty sure if the player expressed Jihady views it would be on the news. There is actually an agency called IBIS who lobby, influence and bully western media using their considerable US back up to manufacture consent of the crimes committed by Isreal and the United States. USA is responsible for arming them.
    Biton started this problem and if people are angry then so be it.. I don’t think anyone should be critisized for being angry at what Israel are doing today as it is against International Law and has been going on for 60 years.
    A fairly recent comprehensive survey of Middle Eastern populations showed that people fear Israel more than any other country as they have Nuclear Weapons. Every country in the world condemns Israel and it’s siege apart from USA and the odd Phillipino island. The peace agreements have been made and the USA and Israel have vetoed them. It is a conflict that has a solution if only Israel and USA would not veto. They ignore international law and expect others to abide by it.
    Please argue without calling each other names bhoys!

  • C Smith

    Celtic fans are shouting about child killers, when they openly glorify them on a weekly basis

    • Robert

      Spot on. Their hypocrisy know’s no bounds.

  • D. Thom

    It is a disgrace that Celtic fans are making a big deal about this. The majority of fans do not want to be embroiled in politics, wars and other contentious matters. Nir Biton has the right to post a caption saying a prayer in support for his troops, why some Celtic fans have the urge to jump on every cause astounds me. Who says that Celtic are pro Palestine? Does that mean a Jewish man who is in support of Israel has no place at Celtic Park? How is that religious or political tolerance? Celtic fans should concentrate on supporting their team and should not be seeking to alienate any member of society wether Jew, Muslim or Protestant, Celtic should seek to make the club a welcoming and hospitable place for all.

  • A club open to all unless you’re Protestant or Jewish.

  • dave

    Here are the real fucts:
    don’t hate israel just becouse they are jews.

  • Gem

    For all of those Palestinian supporters, what is exactly the target of each missile launch from Gaza ? a militay base ? armed units ? Excactly no target – just launch a missile for death and destruction on innocent civilians. Israeli forces have a target, but when a terroristis hiding behind and within the population (BTW a population who have had the opportunity to leave the area) – innocent people might get hurt.

    • dave

      this is HAMAS:
      which side r u??

      • Shaki

        DAVE YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT YOU MORON.. DON’T POST SHIT WHICH YOU CLEARLY DON’T HAVE ANY KNOWLEDGE ON. and to all of the Israeli supporters they can go to hell where they belong…you people live of the bullshit what the media feeds you.. the media is biased and they never tell you the real story…. Dave innocent people are dying everyday due to the Zionist regime and mainly Muslims…. innocent kids. mothers and sisters are getting bombed whilst they are sleeping, hospitals are getting bombed by the Zionist Jews, schools are getting bombed, mosques are getting bombed.. Why? the fact is Israel has AMERICA and every other leader and nation under the balls… why is edward snowden on the run? Because he spoke the truth… Muslims are not terrorists, our land, our homes, our freedom is been taking away from us… we are protecting ourselves from bad and have been labelled the terrorists due to the fact we are protecting our selves from these bad guys. Every other human being would do the same if there freedom has been taken away… people in Palestine are human beings and they have their own rights.. Israel has taken their rights away from them.. they control everything what comes in and goes out of Palestine including the water supply.. how would you tolerate if your rights have been taken away how would you respond?? people in Palestine respond with stones not rockets or bullets which the coward Zionist Jews have.. so how can you support Evil, your heart and mind must be dedicated and sold out to the devil… you will realise but it will be too late… This has been going on for Decades, we are sick and tired of this bullshit what the media feeds you lot…. END THE CONFLICT FREE OUR PEOPLE FREE GAZA FREE PALESTINE….. TO ALL THE HATERZ OUT THERE PEACE.. 🙂



    • dandoyle

      Harry, we dont all sideiwith the hamas/palestinian terror campaign.Im a glaswegian catholic; ordinary working class and I support israel. You have the right to defend yourself and no amount of plastic revolutionary crap from our lunatic fringe is going yo take that away.We are blessed as a support with one of the most loyal of fanbases, but as shown last year with poorly worded banners and dubious causes we have our embarrassing idiots who love to make the club look stupid in the eyes of the world. Our apologies from all the decent Celtic fans!!

      • Dan, you don’t know why yr talking about.

        start with putting yr tabloid newspaper away and doing some real research on the issue, then you might write something of merit.

    • Harry, you are an idiot.

      • dandoyle

        John d unlike you I dont only read propaganda put out by hamas, you guys are as brainwashdd as anyone.The west and israel have bankrolled aid into palestinian controlled areas, billions have been siphoned off into corrupt officials accounts, and into hamas to be fired back at israel.arafat took a fortune away from the people he was supposed to be fighting for, and the trendy left feted him as a hero!
        Corruption is endemic in arab countries, its expected, its a way of life almost.
        Former israeli pm ehud olmert gets found guilty of corruption, he’s jailed. Notice the difference?
        Thats what happens in a democracy.The rule of law . palestinians could have had peace years ago, it doesnt suit their leaders.
        One country runs by the rule of law, the other is a corrupt cesspit whose leaders are happy to see their people die.
        Oh and the UN say israel has the right to defend itself.

  • missy

    Israel has the right to DEFEND itself against terror. The blood of the Palestinians is on Hamas hands. Israel hold its fire for hours and Hamas kept firing rockets into Israel, hurting Jews and Arabs that live in Israel! no country in the world can allow this. Israel wants peace. the Hamas wants to destroy Gaza and Israel. Hiding rockets in schools and hospitals. Use civilians as a human shield, not letting them live their houses.

      FACT 1 Israel is a nuclear power, the 4th most powerful military country on the planet.
      FACT 2 Palestine/ the west bank is a territory illegally occupied by Israel – see United Nations details.
      FACT 3 Israel are guilty of day by day torture and atrocities on Palestinians
      Fact 4 Breaking The Silence is a group of ex IDF soldiers who have decided to admit to the world the atrocities they carried out on men, women and children for the Israeli state.
      Fact 5 There are many many Jewish organisations that are thoroughly ashamed and are campaigning against the Zionist state.
      FACT 6 A Zionist politician has called for the killing of all arab mothers in Palestine and the West Bank.

  • John III

    Israel is the last frontier. Israel falls, the rest of the civilized world falls to the hands of the barbarians. The barbarians who enslave their own women, the barbarians who persecute gays, the barbarians who are intolerant of anything different than they are. Thank you Israel.

    • My god, i really didn’t know that there were people like you around… do you live in a cupboard or something?

  • Jeremy

    You can’t play for Celtic if you’re a Jew or a Protestant?
    You don’t do irony do you?
    Jock Stein, Tommy Gemmel, King Kenny, Larsson, Danny McGrain…need I go on?
    And the irony is these peepel supported a team, now thakfully dead, who held an overt in your face religious apartheit policy for over a100yrs, where not even a cleaner could not be employed at ibrox if they were a Catholic.

    Sevco, the most hated toxic club (and Company lol) on the planet.

    • jim

      Cmon now Jeremy let’s be honest here. Firstly props for pointing the finger at Rangers. It would seem a robust defence of Celtics historic shame is pointing the finger to another club across the city. Celtic have employed protestants yes, but tell me, how many have ever been on the board? That’s right: none. Even Big Jock was rejected a board position because he wasn’t Catholic. Rangers on the otherhand, contrary to timmy propaganda have had Catholic players play for them since their inception, since before Brother Walfrid even thought to rip off Hibernian as a means of furthering a religious apartheid and making a buck. Sure, it’s a poor reflection on Rangers history that a section of the fan base didn’t want any Catholics to sign for the club but it’s a far cry from the club having any official non-Catholic policy like say… Guinness. Oops, I bet that’s your favourite plastic paddy drink anawl…

      • Robert

        Spot on Jim. The only thing I would take issue with is the point about Guinness. If you know your history Guinness can be considered a good Unionist drink.

      • Jeremy

        Lol! Thanks for confirming everything I posted.
        Is Nir a Celtic player?
        If Celtic don’t sign Jews why am I seeing this guy wearing the Hoops playing at CP?
        Celtic have been all inclusive since 1887.
        Oldco rangers, now thankfully dead, held a religious apartheit for over a 100yrs, that’s why weseen the mass burning of season books burnt on the steps of the rumble dome. Infact there was a bigger protest over the signing of a Catholic thanthere was at your club being liquidated! HO HO HAHA !

        Your just another beelin’ zomie , apmfl! lol!
        Away and hand over your dosh to sleekit sallys 850,000 pound a year gregs bill like the gullible tube you obviously are and give us all peace.

        Wit a mug!

        HAil HAil

  • abe

    Those who criticize Biton really don’t understand much about what’s going on in Gaza. As an Israeli I can tell you that my heart is with the Palestinians who have nothing to do with the Hamas and who suffer so much because of the Hamas and Jihad people. You must understand that the Hamas, Jihad and other terror groups are being supported by Iran and that they want nothing less than destroy Israel. Their leaders are corrupted multibilionaires. They have no interest in solving the Palestinian problem, as well as the Arab contries. The extremists Muslems want to conqure all Europe. But Europeans don’t know or understand that. They feel sorry for the Palestinians but blame Israel for their condition. I must say that Netanyahu is not exactly my cup of tea, and that I don’t sea eye to eye with his policy, but the real problem is the cruel Muslims that took Gaza by force killing Fatah people. Israel didn’t want to invade Gaza. It was forced to do so. I invite you all to learn some more before you criticize Israel. Unfortunately I know that one day you will understand that we are all on the same side against muslim teror.

    • dandoyle

      Abe; I am with you brother, I pointed out the very same earlier. Its only a matter of time before hamas take the fight to the ordinary people of the western world, not just Israel.
      Dead babies and civilians suit Hamas terrorists, peace is not on their agenda. Stay safe Abe! !

      • abe

        Thanks Dandoyle. You can’t imagin how heartworming are your words. I’m so shocked to face so much blind hatred here. I would like to believe that it comes more out of ignorance than from antisemitism.

      FACT 1 Israel is a nuclear power, the 4th most powerful military country on the planet.
      FACT 2 Palestine/ the west bank is a territory illegally occupied by Israel – see United Nations details.
      FACT 3 Israel are guilty of day by day torture and atrocities on Palestinians
      Fact 4 Breaking The Silence is a group of ex IDF soldiers who have decided to admit to the world the atrocities they carried out on men, women and children for the Israeli state.
      Fact 5 There are many many Jewish organisations that are thoroughly ashamed and are campaigning against the Zionist state.
      FACT 6 A Zionist politician has called for the killing of all arab mothers in Palestine and the West Bank.

    • Robert

      A fair conclusion Abe.

  • Billy Bhoy

    Israel was the original Terrorist state when they double crossed the Brits and started their guerilla war, Zionists have no place at Celtic Park like Berkovic before him.

    • Robert

      Unlike the fascist groin brigade who are most welcome and who ironically enough support child killers week in week out.

  • Billy Bhoy

    Abe speak for yourself, no decent Human being should ever back the IDF genocide

    • abe

      Bully boy, I live in Israel, served in the IDF and I can assure you that there’s no other army in the worlsd that cares so much for human life. It’s so easy to spread hatred while hiding behind your keyboard. You seem to know nearly nothing about Israel. Israel is far from the image that is given to it by some Palestinian groups. You might understand one day that we all, have a mutual enemy, and that is the radical Islam. In my opinion we all includs the Palestinians whom I wish beter life from the bottom of my heart. I’m ashamed to admit that due to terror, also in Israel we have few Israelies who carry out terror acts against Arabs. I wish them the same as I wish all terrorists and we fight them. But if we get back to the point, I don’t think that it is fare to blame a player for being loyal to his country. Now, please do some homework Billy, and please don’t hate so much. It’s bad for your health.

  • Unbelievable. A support who glorify terrorism condemning a man defending his country against terrorists. If the Arabs lay down their arms there will be no war – if the Israelis lay down their arms there will be no Israel.

    • Robert

      Spot on William 111.

  • Sarah

    I cannot believe the ignorance connected with the article and the responses. Firstly, Israel is not fighting “Palestine” or the Palestinian people. It is fighting back at 10 years of constant barrage at its towns and cities by Hamas, a terrorist organization that bullied its way into control of Gaza as soon as Israel left the territory. Secondly, Nir comes from one of the towns that is worst hit by the rockets, Ashdod, he knows first hand what is going on and also when he wrote his prayer on instagram he didn’t write any hate, only prayers for Israel’s support. Hamas and its supporters are a cult of death. They hate Israel more than they love their children and keep women and children within the line of fire. They launch their rockets from civilian buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, etc. What would Scotland do if it was being barraged in such a way? The Israeli / Palestinian conflict itself is a very complicated issue and most people like to view things as black / white and want Israel to be the agressor as Israel has built up a strong country, economy, army, etc as opposed to the Palestinians who have wasted all the billions of $4 in aid that they have received from Western countries (including Israel) in hate and destruction instead of rebuilding themselves. The money that ISrael has given them to build infrastructure they used in a cynical way to build thousand of tunnels where they store rockets to destroy Israel. The idiots bombed the electricity lines that Israel has built and supplies the Gazans with for free. There is so much more to the story then the simplistic version that the left leaning CNN and BBC show the world.

    • abe

      Sarah, you are so right. So many people that live in Europe are exposed to the anti Israeli propaganda spread by Muslim groups. I believe that meny of them really think that Israelies are children murderers as those groups describe them. I only wish that those who feel puty for the Palestinians in Gaza (and I include myself among them) wil understand that the blame for their misury is in the hands of the terrorist organizations Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others, and Iran which support them all. I really hope the Europeans will protect themselves from those radical Muslims, because belive me or not, Europe is next.

    • Fight for Justice not oppression or tyranny.

      You said

      “I cannot believe the ignorance connected with the article and the responses.
      Firstly, Israel is not fighting “Palestine” or the Palestinian people. It is fighting back at 10 years of constant barrage at its towns and cities by Hamas, a terrorist organization that bullied its way into control of Gaza”

      Clearly show how much you know about this subject. Israel were actually happy for an organisation like Hamas to come into power so then they could actually justify its actions. Israel illegal occupation has been going for decades and decades. Hamas its just a scapegoat for them. The killing of children can never and will never be justified.

      “They hate Israel more than they love their children and keep women and children within the line of fire. They launch their rockets from civilian buildings, hospitals, schools, homes, etc.”

      Is that the best you can do.Typical of pro-Israel using this over and over again. Israel has yet to produce the evidence for such claims edited footage does not count as sufficient evidence.

      Lets not even start with the aid. That is a 3 page argument in itself. Your arguments in it self are feeble.

      This could go on and on.

  • Arpee

    What Nir Biton has posted is a prayer. I’m not a religious person myself but anyone who is offended by another man’s religion needs to take a good long look in the mirror.

  • Uh-oh

    Republican sympathisers supporting terrorists…I’m shocked!! Sure the IRA killed a few kids in their time and a hefty number of civilians too. Ireland’s patriots.

    Whether we like it or not, it is war and the people who suffer the most are innocent civilians and children. All war is brutal, uncivilised and inhumane. Humanity lacks humanity

  • David Links

    On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 6:17 PM, Denis MacEoin wrote:

    Here is the letter I have just sent out to as many of the MEPs and MEP candidates who signed the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East Pledges earlier this month. Many did not reveal their e-mail addresses, others used online forms for contact, and some used general addresses within one organization or another.

    It’s a long letter, and it will probably have the usual effect, but I think it worse not to respond at all.

    If I can find a moment, I’ll send as many of the e-mail contacts to any of you who may want them.
    My letter is just a starting point for this, and I hope others will be able to write better and more convincing missives. Use anything from my letter you like.

    All the best,


    LFPME Pledges

    I hope you will all indulge me and allow me to address one or two points emerging from a document you and others have signed. This is the Pledges posting by Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East. I write as someone who has always voted Labour in the past and who may be agreed to be broadly sympathetic with you and the positions you take on most issues. Not an enemy, therefore, and certainly not a political opponent. I am not a politician, but an ordinary voter who might under different circumstances vote for you, but who finds a country for which I have the deepest admiration, an admiration born out of love for human rights, for democracy, for freedom, and liberal values, traduced unfairly and without balance or serious and open debate.

    Beyond this, I am a former university lecturer in Arabic, Persian, and Islamic Studies, a senior fellow with two US institutions, and the author of several books on the Middle East. I hope my academic background does not disqualify me from opening what I hope may be a fruitful and gentle discourse about the issues raised in those Pledges. The debate about Israel and the Palestinian territories is likely to continue for decades if not longer, and I do not pretend to have any solutions to the struggle that will work where those of others have failed. Yet it remains one of the most important issues facing the world, and one of the most threats to international stability and peace. We cannot ignore it, and I am pleased to see that you and others have appended your signatures to the document above, since doing so implies some degree of interest in the matter. On the other hand, I am uneasy about the side of the argument you have chosen to sign up to.

    It does not surprise me that you have endorsed a document on behalf of the Palestinian people. They have suffered greatly for decades and seem likely to continue doing so for many decades to come. I have great sympathy for them, as I have for any people who suffer. But I have no sympathy at all for the politicians and militants who have trapped them in their currently unbearable situation, the leaders of Hamas, the PLO, and Hizbullah, not to mention the clerical regime in Iran and other similar groups and governments across the Islamic world. I hope you too will share my antipathy for every government or movement that abuses human rights worldwide.

    It is not wrong to honour the Palestinian people as a part of mankind that has suffered much and still suffers. But it is wrong to invent a black and white scenario for the conflict between them and the Jews of Israel. It is wrong, yet it is widespread, not just in the UK, but across the globe, where abuse is heaped on Israel (or, more widely, on the Jews internationally) while the crimes of the Palestinians and Muslim organizations everywhere are passed over by far too many on the left, and the many human rights achievements of Israel are passed over in total silence.

    Let me look quickly at the document you have all signed. It begins as follows:
    1.Peace: Support a viable peace process between Israelis and Palestinians based on internationally recognised (1967) borders.

    It is perfectly right to support a peace process, but proper 1967 armistice lines have never been internationally recognized as borders. United Nations Resolution 242, which forms the basis for negotiations on a post-six-day-war settlement, calls explicitly for ‘peace within secure and recognized boundaries’. The Israelis have made generous offers for such borders, but the Palestinians have not once agreed to any of them. Without secure boundaries, Israel can hardly be expected to envisage peace with people (PLO and Hamas) who openly declare they will not recognize any boundaries but will take control of the entire territory, including Israel, and that they will expel all Jews from a future Palestinian state or, as is often states, will commit a genocide of all the Jews in Israel. I find your signatures to this clause deeply adversarial to Labour and general definitions of national security and the rule of international law.

    2. Human Rights: Oppose violations of international human rights law, in particular the detention of children and detention of political prisoners without trial.

    I’m not sure what to make of this. According to the annual Freedom House surveys and many other reports, Israel has a better reputation for human rights than most countries in the world, Gaza and the West Bank have two of the worst. If you pledge to oppose violations of international human rights law, why do you not oppose the egregious violations that take place daily in Gaza and the West Bank, in both cases backed by the use or threat of violence? If you are to be fair, you must surely be consistent. Israeli violations of international human rights law are very few. The Jewish state maintains high standards of rights for women, LGBT people, religious minorities, and races. The PA maintains that no Jew will ever live in a future Palestinian state and in May 2014 stopped a run for peace by refusing to let any Jews participate; Israel has one and a half million Arab citizens who possess exactly the same rights as Jewish citizens. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other bodies have called for a halt to public and private executions of Palestinians. If you are concerned about Palestinians, the conduct of Hamas might be a better place to start your protests. In the 66 years of its existence, Israel has executed only one person — Adolf Eichmann, the driving force behind the Holocaust. If, like me and other Labour supporters, you oppose the use of capital punishment, would it not be timely to congratulate Israel on its firm stand against execution, bearing in mind that few other countries have ever held so many murderers in its gaols?

    Your pledges to oppose violations that include the detention of children and political prisoners held without trial are surprisingly naïve for a group of intelligent politicians. Faced with two such issues, I would at the very least have approached the Israeli embassy in London for explanations. There is, of course, some cause for misgiving, but the situation cannot be compared to that prevailing in most other countries. And Israel’s judicial processes, albeit flawed, are streets ahead of those in many places whose violations you do not pledge to oppose. The United States treats young black men more arbitrarily than Israel treats young Palestinians. I will ask you to consider that Israel lives under constant threat of terrorist attack and that many suicide bombers and gunmen have been teenagers. Even throwing stones or Molotov cocktails is fraught with danger for passing Israelis, and more than one person has died from wounds inflicted in that way. In the 2011 riots in the UK, 3,100 people were arrested, including many under-18s, and courts were told to sentence offenders harshly. Threats to national security and stability result in ways of policing that differ from methods in use at more normal times. Since its inception in 1948, Israel has never known a moment’s normality. This is a major feature part of the context in which such arrests happen. Another, more important part is the way in which Hamas and the Palestinian Authority abuse youngsters under their rule, by inciting to violence against Jews in schools, on television, on the radio, in textbooks, and in summer camps and political rallies. It is not here a case of ‘to know all is to forgive all’, but more one of understanding based on the fullest possible picture, not on the limited context provided by anti-Israel organizations like Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East or the Palestine Solidarity Campaign. They have a case to make, but it is highly partial. The one thing I have to ask of any politician, above all Labour MEPs and MEP candidates is a measure of impartiality, a sense of balance in how you react to issues, an ability to act, not on the basis of prejudice, but on rounded and accurate information. By signing these five pledges, I believe you have all betrayed the trust I and other voters place in you. But I recognize how easy it is to sign something when it turns up without thinking in too much detail about the often complex background: in this case, the Israeli side to these stories. For there is one, and it cannot be left out save to unbalance what could be a friendly debate, but which today is not.

    3. The Wall: Oppose the continued construction of the Separation Wall on Palestinian land which is in contravention of international law.

    This is surely the most outrageous example of unprincipled bias among the five pledges. First of all, there is no Separation Wall between Israel and the West Bank. In the cold light of day, there is a very long security fence that has been built to keep out terrorists and for no other reason. Part of the Security Barrier is an 8-metre high concrete wall: it takes up only 10 percent of the barrier’s 700-kilometre length and has been built to enforce safety at specific points where Israeli citizens have been targeted by gunmen. Some of the fence may be illegal, but in many places the Israeli government has already altered its route in order to avoid taking Palestinian land. Since there are no agreed and secure borders along the West Bank, the question of what is and is not legal awaits the outcome of final peace talks and a Palestinian recognition of Israel. UN Resolution 242 makes it abundantly clear that legal borders have not yet been established. It is well known that wherever Israel has taken Palestinian land, this will be compensated by land swaps in the final agreement. Israel has already handed Gaza over to the Palestinians and has placed 96% of the population of the West Bank under Palestinian Authority control.

    Since completion of the fence, terrorist attacks inside Israel have dropped by well over 90%. In other words, the fence has saved hundreds of lives and will continue to do so for as long as the Palestinians think the only way to peace is terror and that Jewish lives are of no account. Now, this is important. Are any of you willing to put your hand on your heart and declare that you prefer to block or end the security barrier, regardless of the consequences for Israeli civilians, for families and children? If you say that you do prefer to let terrorists and suicide bombers return to Israel to kill anyone who gets in their way, I could never vote for you, and I would hope that no-one else in this country would do so. I am confident that you would none of you wish such an outcome, yet I see your names appended to this pledge.

    The Israel fence is far from the only one of its kind, and the reasons for its existence are, in many cases, much more humane and rational than those of other countries. In case it helps put the Israeli barrier in perspective, here’s a list of some of the fences round the world. I have marked those dividing disputed territories with an asterisk.

    1. US/Mexico Proposed. 3,360km. Several barriers already exist with Mexico (California, Texas, Arizona). This would cover the entire border. Anti-immigration.
2. Belfast, N. Ireland. Built early 1970s. Average 500m. Number around 40. Anti-terror.
3. Padua, Italy 2006. 85m. 3m-high, round mainly African Anelli estate. Internal.
4. Ceuta, Morocco 2001. 8km. €30m. EU-funded. Razor wire. Anti-immigration. Responsible for over 4,000 deaths.
    5. Mellila, Morocco 1998. 11km. Anti-immigration.
    6. Morocco/Western Sahara 1987. 2,700km. To keep out W. Saharan (Polisario) insurgents
    7. Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt 2005. 20km. Anti-terror
8. Botswana/Zimbabwe 2003. 500km. Electrified. Anti-immigration.
9. South Africa/Mozambique 1975. 120km. Anti-immigration. Carries 3,300 volts. Has killed more people than Berlin Wall
10. Israel/West Bank. Under construction. 703km. Anti-terror.
    11. Adhamiyya, Iraq 2007. 5km. Anti-terror.
12. Cyprus 1974. 300km. Conflict zone barrier between Turkish and Greek Cyprus.
    13. Kuwait/Iraq 1991.* 193km. Built by United Nations. Conflict zone barrier.
14. Saudi Arabia/Yemen 2004.* 75km. Anti-terror.
15. Saudi Arabia/Iraq. 900 km. Part of much longer security barrier to cover 6,500 kms of border.
    16. United Arab Emirates/Oman 2007. 410km. Anti-immigration.
17. Russia/Chechnya. Proposed 2005. 700 km. Anti-terror
18. Russia . Electronic security barrier along old Soviet border.
    19. Russia/Norway.
    20. Russia/Finland.
    21. Russia/China.
    22. Russia/Mongolia
    23. Kashmir 2004. 550km. Anti-terror (India).
24. Pakistan/Afghanistan Proposed 2005. 2,400km. Anti-terror (Pakistan).
25. Uzbekistan/Kyrgyzstan 1999.* Barbed wire. 870km. Conflict zone.
    26. Uzbekistan/Afghanistan. Two fences, one barbed wire, one electrified with land mines. 130-mile border.
    27. China/North Korea 2006. 1,416km. Conflict zone.
28. Korea Demilitarized Zone 1953. 248km. Av. 4 km wide. Patrolled by 2 million soldiers. Most heavily guarded border in world. Conflict zone.
29. China/Hong Kong 1999. 32km. Internal barrier.
30. China/Macau 1999. 340km. Internal barrier.
31.Brunei/Limbang 2005. 20km. Anti-immigration.
32. Thailand/Malaysia Proposed. 650km. Anti-immigration.
    33. India/Pakistan.* Barbed and concertina wire, giant floodlights. Along 1,800-mile border.
    34. India/Bangladesh.* 3,268km. Conflict zone.
    35. India/Burma, in construction. To cover 1009-mile border.
    36. Iran/Pakistan. 10-foot high wall for 700 km.
    37. Greece/Turkey. Wall to be constructed along route of Evros River.

    Some of these are anti-immigration barriers. The barrier between Iran and Pakistan is a 10-foot high wall that stretches for 700 km. The KDZ fence is patrolled by 2 million soldiers. The South Africa/Mozambique fence takes lives by electrocution and has killed more people than the Berlin Wall. The Ceuta/Morocco fence has killed over 4,000 people. And yet, to the best of my knowledge, none of you has signed a pledge to stop work on any of these. Why, then, only a fence that saves lives? Are the EU’s policies towards Israel, which are already unjust and draconian, to be made by politicians who show themselves guided by distortions from one side and never responses from the other? Do your constituents or your electorate know you make decisions based on flimsy evidence and without seeking hard information from disinterested parties?

    4. The Blockade: End the siege on Gaza and ensure the free flow of aid and trade.

    This is monstrous. Israel does not enforce a blockade of Gaza. Egypt does. Make your pledge, but make it for Egypt. For years now, Israel has allowed almost every form of equipment, foodstuff, medicine and much more into Gaza. A humanitarian corridor has allowed goods to pass fairly freely, given that materials of use to terrorists have been restricted, as they are in the EU. In July 2013, – 6,639 truckloads of goods, including 2,102 truckloads of food products and 1,952 truckloads of construction materials, were delivered from Israel to Gaza. – 109 truckloads of goods and boxes were exported from Gaza. – 6,128 Palestinians, including medical patients, passed into Israel through the Erez Terminal. There is a building boom in Gaza, with huge fortunes being made. There are fine restaurants in Gaza City, a country club, hotels, and a large shopping mall that sells luxury items. In the streets, you will see plenty of imported luxury cars. In other words, there is free flow of aid and trade, and the pledge you were asked to sign is a lie, put there for purely propagandist purposes.

    Do not forget the thousands of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank who enter Israel every year to be treated in Israeli hospitals, staying in the same wards as Jews and treated by the same doctors and nurses. And please look up details of an Israeli charity called Save a Child’s Heart, which arranges for cardiac surgery and heart transplants for Palestinian children. Palestinian terrorists are told that they should kill Israeli children for fear they will grow up to become soldiers. Israel brings Palestinian children from the heart of enemy territory and treats them exactly like Jewish children.

    5. Settlements: End all trade with Israeli settlements illegally built on occupied Palestinian territory.

    Israeli settlements have never been built illegally on ‘occupied Palestinian territory’. This is for several reasons. Even if you don’t agree with them all, you have to admit that they open up a different interpretation of where legality rests. First of all, the West Bank has never been Palestinian territory. There has never been a Palestinian state at any time in history. Recently, this region was part of Syria under the Ottoman Empire. Following World War I and the collapse of that empire, all the territories in the Middle East were deeply changed under the aegis of the League of Nations. Syria was cut in half, Lebanon was invented, Transjordan (Jordan) was created out of land that had been promised to the Jews, Iraq was given new borders, and southern Syria was set aside for a Jewish homeland. Later UN Resolution 181 called for the remaining territory to be divided between the Jews and the Arabs (who still called themselves Syrians). Because the Arabs rejected the division into two states (and the Jews agreed to it), Resolution 181 is now null and void. In 1948, Jordan illegally annexed Jerusalem and the West Bank. The armistice lines of 1949 (the Green line) have no legal force since the Armistice Agreement itself states that the lines have only military value. Israel recovered the West Bank in 1967, from Jordan, not a fictitious ‘Palestine’, and until the Palestinians agree to a fair two-state solution, security demands permit Israel to remain. Since UN Resolution 242 at the end of the 6-Day war permits Israel to remain in unspecified ‘territories’ in the West Bank until peace is made and the Palestinians agree to a mutual division of the land, the settlements are breaking no law, regional or international. They may be a nuisance to some people, they may attract some extremist settlers, and I have my own doubts about some of them. But they are not illegal. Israel has already shown its willingness to concede land for peace, when it withdrew from Sinai to make peace with Egypt, and when it pulled fully out of Gaza to the great detriment of settlers there, only to be thanked by years of hostility and thousands of rockets.

    My apologies for the history lesson. Old academics die hard. A little history is always in order, even when it is controversial. Especially when it is controversial. A great deal that is written about Israel is pure poppycock. It has been described as a Nazi state, an apartheid state, an illegal state and more, yet the Nazi jibe could not be more badly applied for the most obvious of reasons; the apartheid smear is as far from reality as it could be; and Israel’s legality is firmly based in a series of rulings in international law.

    What do I ask of you? Many things. A request, above all, that in future you examine both sides of an argument. You may not have time to consider everything concerning Israel and the Palestinians, but I do want you to consider the positive as well as the negative, the context as well as surface bias, the religious as well as the political (and I urge this as a secularist), the factual as well as the supposed, and the anti-Israel violence as well as claims of Israeli brutality. I urge you to ask in future why only the one Jewish state is singled out in this way, smeared, trashed, attacked, boycotted, made the object of incessant finger-waving, denied access to international forums, accused of war crimes, hated, ridiculed, libelled, slandered, defamed and lied about. All this at a time when Israel sends aid teams round the world, to Haiti, India, Turkey, Japan, the Philippines, and many more countries; when Israel by itself or in league with USAID is making a difference to farmers in Africa in improving agricultural production and productivity; reducing pre- and post-harvest losses; irrigation and water technology; and cross-cutting issues, including implementation of applied research and development results, gender, capacity building, nutrition, and climate change; when Israel’s technological and medical progress is changing the world, saving lives, making life better for the blind, the handicapped, paraplegics, cancer patients, wheelchair users, and many, many more. And all this at a time when some other countries commit human rights abuses that stand out far above any mistakes Israel (like the UK, the US, and others of our allies) may have committed. You do not, to my knowledge, sign pledges against Iran, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, or any of the many places that are ranked far below Israel on any list of human rights enforcement. Such countries bring little or no benefit to mankind, Israel clearly does. None of them is a democracy, Israel is. In many of those countries, corruption is rampant. In Israel, the Supreme Court has just sentenced a former Prime Minister to six years’ imprisonment for taking bribes. Israel stands at number 36 of 177 in the Transparency International corruption rankings, Sudan at 174, Iran at 144. Why should Israel be the one country to march against chanting ‘Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas’ while dictatorships get off scot-free.

    As politicians, you have a role to play in this. You can endorse scurrilous criticism of Israel (as opposed to honest and fair criticism) and single it out in a manner that carries uneasy undertones of anti-Semitism (only the Jewish state?) or to help your voters and your supporters in Europe to treat Israel, not as the pariah state it has been forced to become, but as a jewel in the crown of democratic and humanitarian states. Ask more questions, find out more, think more before you sign or act or enact legislation. Show yourselves to be what you claim to be, honest, hard-working, and balanced representatives of the people who vote for you. If you can do that, we shall be proud to send you to Brussels and Strasbourg to represent us and the best values of this country.

    My best wishes,

    Dr. Denis MacEoin

  • Boy Wonder

    The Hebrew Nir Biton used is a prayer for the safety of Israeli soldiers composed by Rabbis. It is taken out of context and as this is a terrible time for Nir’s family who live close to the Gaza border. Running back and forward to shelters he is no doubt upset to be detached from his family. Celtic are not concerned by religious bias and its players employees and fans are encouraged to conduct their lives without being harassed for their beliefs. Some of the correspondents to this blog should be ashamed of what they say and end their bigotry.

  • hohoho

    Wonder what sort of land deal Celtics getting of the palastines 🙂

  • Leeds

    You are all mad! He is from a small town near gaza that has had over 500 rockets sent over to kill his family. Of course he supports his people. The only thing he did wrong was tweet a sign saying peace and then pray for his family. Is that really that bad? Celtic are known for their racist behaviour with the catholic/Protestant thing over the years. If you don’t want him then I am sure leeds will have him.

  • Ish

    Some uneducated idiots here # free Palestine

  • Ish

    Killing children hmmmm defending itself, using banned chemicals and bullets on children yeh defending itself using the best weapons in the world against ppl throwing stones yeh truly defending itself lol what the hell would or how the hell would you react if your family is slaughtered Infront of your very eyes crazy ppl I swear, listening to news lol erm who runs all the media the Palestinians do surely don’t thy, look at facts and what the Zionist are really planning, ow did you hear trillion pounds worth of gas was discovered in gaza, why comment if you don’t know what you are talking about dick heads. Free Palestine free the children the babies of Palestine my prayers are with you.

  • Ish

    All my live to the real Scottish people u zionist wankers go fuk urself p.s not all Jews you Zionist cunts thank u

  • Mohammed Sadiq

    Need to read!

    An open letter for the people in Gaza from The Lancet

    The Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal. It is one of the world’s oldest and best known general medical journals, and has been described as one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

  • muslim groomers and celtic fans…whats the difference…both cowards when confronted….

  • ibn islam

    the entire Israel generation will account for the killing of innocent lifes. n u in particular u will gonna regret ur utterances in ur carrier surely

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