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VIDEO: Well This Is Awkward… Alan Shearer And Ruud Gullit Laugh About Newcastle Feud From 1999

VIDEO: Well This Is Awkward… Alan Shearer And Ruud Gullit Laugh About Newcastle Feud From 1999

Ruud Gullit and Alan Shearer were reunited last night as they sat on the panel as part of the BBC coverage of Germany’s quarter-final with France.

The pair, who famously fell out after Gullit dropped Shearer ahead of a derby match with Sunderland in 1999, seemed to be at ease in each other’s company as they sat side by side in the studio.

But there was always a slight risk things could get a little awkward. After all, Newcastle did lose that derby match. And Gullit did lose his job.

Fellow pundit Rio Ferdinand certainly saw the funny side, as he tweeted: ‘We have a studio Love in here…Mr Shearer & Mr Gullit are hugging & joking around! Surprisingly very pally!’

And presenter Gary Lineker could not resist asking Gullit: ‘Have you ever left a big player out of a starting line-up?’ To which Gullit, pointing at Shearer, replied: ‘Yes, him’.

Shearer came back: ‘Yeah, and look what happened’.

The old adversaries were soon laughing and shaking hands, however, even revealing they’d played golf together.

It just goes to show, time is a great healer.

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