Oakland A’s Got The Best Deal In Blockbuster Cespedes-Lester-Gomes Trade

Oakland A’s Got The Best Deal In Blockbuster Cespedes-Lester-Gomes Trade

The Oakland Athletics traded Yoenis Cespedes to the Boston Red Sox for Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes last week in a move which may confuse many.

But not me.

Lester’s arrival adds more depth to the A’s’ already elite starting pitching staff that has Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Jeff Samardzija, and Jason Hammel. As well as that, Lester adds playoff experience to Oakland‘s starting pitching staff, as he is 3 and 0 in three World Series and starts with a ERA of .43.

Jonny Gomes will also help make up some of the production that will be lost now that Cespedes is gone.

By Corey Cook – @Cook3Corey

With this, it seems Billy Beane is going all in this year to win a World Series. The A’s arguably now have the best starting pitching staff in all of baseball. Beane is one of the best GMs in the world, as he has been able to field a competitive team that makes post season runs with limited resources. Beane breaks down the game of baseball to economics, valuing the replacement system over simple moneyball has proven time after time that it works.


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So who got the best deal in the blockbuster trade? I’m going with Oakland even know they are most likely to only rent Lester for the rest of the season, because with him they now have a starting pitching staff that can go pitch for pitch with Detroit in the American League, and even the LA Dodgers if both teams were to make it to the World Series.

That’s the match up that I, and many others, want to see as the Dodgers have the highest pay role in baseball at over $230 million compared to the A’s who now have a payroll of just over $100 million because of their latest trade.

The Athletics could potentially become America’s team, not just Oakland’s, if they can win the World Series. Who doesn’t want to see them win it if it shows the game of baseball has bridged the gap between small market and large market teams?

They have a system that works and only time will tell if they can become the World Series champions we want them to be.

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