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5 Reasons Kenny Hill Can Make Everyone In College Football Forget About Johnny Manziel

5 Reasons Kenny Hill Can Make Everyone In College Football Forget About Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel was the only name worth paying attention to in college football last season.

Jameis Winston may have scooped the Heisman Trophy and Jadeveon Clowney was picked first in the NFL Draft.

But Johnny Football is the name which puts bottoms on seats, and his electrifying performances for Texas A&M ensured plenty were up off them shortly afterwards.

It’s all about the Cleveland Browns and NFL for Manziel now.

So who replaces him? There’s only one name emerged from the opening two weeks of the college season…

Kenny Hill.

The 19-year-old sophomore played back-up to Manziel in his first season, but he’s well out of his shadow now after throwing for a school record 511 yards in the Aggies’ opening day win at South Carolina.

It’s no surprise coach Kevin Sumlin has told Hill to limit his dealings with press and fans amid considerable fan fare.

With Manziel gone, here are five reasons Hill can make everyone forget about college football:

Baylor, Houston, Kansas State, Missouri, North Carolina, Ole Miss, Southern Miss, TCU, Texas Tech and Utah all tried to recruit him out of high school

He broke Manziel’s college passing record in his first start

His dad Ken Hill is a former Major League Baseball pitcher… good arms run in the family



His nickname, Kenny Trill, is arguably better than Johnny Football



And even Johnny knows how good Hill is

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