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Manziel Receiving? A Big Ben Fake Pump? Top 5 Fakes And Tricks From NFL Game Week 3

Manziel Receiving? A Big Ben Fake Pump? Top 5 Fakes And Tricks From NFL Game Week 3

The third week of the NFL season was like Christmas for the fake-loving football fan.

Last week we saw Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu complete a long throw for a first down. This week, it got even better.

There were also numerous fake punts that didn’t make my list but here are the best:

By Mattis Holt – @matrixholt

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5. Big Ben Fake Pumps so hard the camera man gets tricked

This isn’t a very controversial play, but the way Ben Roethliesberger does the fake pump. Wow. After the snap, he fake pumps to his left (HOW did that ball not leave his hand?!), then to the middle, before he scrambles and throws a perfect dart to Antonio Brown. Touchdown!

4. Fake Spike Marino Style

Rookie quarterback Blake Bortles tried to pull it of in the pre-season. It didn’t work. He got subbed in against Colts this weekend, and once again: Fake spike. The Colts defense isn’t paying much attention, and the TD wasn’t very important, but it was still a great play.

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3. DangeRuss Fake Reverse

The Seahawks are doing some great plays this season. The one they pulled off against the Broncos was the best yet. Wilson hands the ball off to wide receiver Kearse, and goes on a route to the left. A long throw by the WR, and who’s catching the ball? Russell Wilson.

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2. Johnny Megatron

The funniest play of the weekend happened in Cleveland, and of course was Johnny Football a part of it. This play would’ve been the #1, if it wasn’t for the penalty that pulled the play back. Anyway, what seems like a misunderstanding and discussion between Johnny and the coach is actually a trick play, and Johnny ends up as the uncovered receiver.

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1. Roles turned for Dalton and Sanu

Sanu has shown how good he is throwing the ball, and the Bengals are starting to take benefit of that. What we didn’t know though, was how badass Andy Dalton is as a receiver. WR Sanu gets the ball, QB Dalton goes on a route. He catches the ball, breaks a tackle, and dives for the end zone. FAN. TAS. TIC.

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