5 Things WWE Need To Do To Improve The Show

5 Things WWE Need To Do To Improve The Show

Like everything, WWE needs to change to improve.

Gone are the days where the company could rely on a few superstars to carry the brand.

Now it’s judged on a roster which contributes to great show after show.

Here, Ryan Flynn looks at five things WWE needs to do to improve the organisation moving forward:

By Ryan Flynn – @ryryflynn


5 – Push the Three Main Up and Coming NXT Superstars

Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Tyler Breeze really ought to be pushed by now.

With new talent coming into the NXT roster through Kenta (Hideo Itami), Prince Devitt (Finn Bàlor) and Kevin Steen joining the development show it really does look like it’s time for the trio to make way.

They’ve been the top ballers in NXT for a while now and we all know the success superstars can have in the main roster – just look at Paige and AJ Lee from the Divas division, and Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and not forgetting Daniel Bryan who have emerged from NXT to star in the main roster.

It’s time to freshen things up.

4 – They Dropped the Ball With Wyatt.. They Need to Change That

Wyatt appears to have been thrown by the wayside by the WWE creative team. Except for those confusing promos on Raw recently, Wyatt hasn’t been seen on WWE television since the show before Night of Champions.

For many fans of Wyatt’s eccentric in-ring ability and weird, yet entertaining and insightful, promos that’s too long. The eater of worlds may not necessarily need a change of gimmick but the angle taken with EVERY feud Wyatt has needs looked at.

The recent promos appear to show Wyatt set Luke Harper of the Wyatt Family ‘free’ – but while this would no doubt make the Wyatt’s far more interesting again, who should join them in his place? Will anyone join them? Is Wyatt about to go solo? Only time will tell but we do need something fresh with Wyatt to make him relevant again.


3 – Do Not Push Everyone the IWC Wants

Now this one is going to cause a stir no doubt but in my opinion the IWC want too many people pushed.

They wanted CM Punk pushed, then they wanted Bryan and, now they seem to back any half-decent wrestler fighting in the mid-card. Guys like Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler.

But if they were to be pushed then who stars in the mid-card? Unfortunately, not everyone can go for the top when there are already so many stars to compete with.


2 – Stop Promoting Total Divas On the Main Shows

There was a total of three divas matches on Raw the past week – that’s right, THREE!

Normally there’d be one or two but three is the WWE gone too far. Especially when two of the matches were continuations of feuds on Total Divas and the other just had star Alicias Fox taking on A.J Lee. Where was Paige? Undoubtedly the most popular Diva of a very unpopular bunch.


1 – Dean Ambrose Needs the WWE Title

I’ve made no secret of my appreciation of Dean Ambrose. Like many, I’ve always spoke highly of the former Shield member. He’s without doubt the most exciting WWE superstar on the roster today and the reception he got at the Night of Champions proved that the WWE universe agrees.

The lunatic fringe has the attitude of a Stone Cold Steve Austin but deserves to forge his own way in the company without comparisons to the wrestling greats.

He needs the title to cement his place as one of WWE’s big players – thankfully his recent performances on Raw suggest it’s more a question of when not if that happens.

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