4 Things Which Will Annoy Lionel Messi More Than Cristiano Ronaldo Calling Him Names

4 Things Which Will Annoy Lionel Messi More Than Cristiano Ronaldo Calling Him Names

Earlier this week a story broke about a particular insult that Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly likes to use to describe Lionel Messi. The pair are great rivals and have been battling it out to see who’s the best for six or seven years now.

The saga quickly turned into massive news and Ronaldo has threatened to take legal action over a claim he says is untrue.

While it’s not up to me to decide if the story is true or not, here are a four things that are much more likely to upset the diminutive Argentine genius than a bit of petty name-calling:

By Tom Wilde – @TWilde91

Kicking Him

The old cliché rings true: “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

Messi has been terrorising defences for a decade now and has had to endure his fair share of kickings out on the pitch. The Barcelona man has always got up and got on with it though, rarely showing that it phases him. Given the choice I’m sure he’d take being called names over facing some of the more aggressive players he’s come up against over the years.

I’m sure this WWE-style kick from Fernando Amorebieta hurt Messi a lot more than what Ronaldo may or may not have called him.

[youtube id=”pfTE0R92SvE” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

Touching His Face

As it turns out, Messi isn’t the touchy-feely type and it really irks him when you touch his face.

Perhaps he has commitment issues or maybe he’s a bit of a germaphobe. Either way, Jose Mourinho got wind of this during his time at Real Madrid and deployed it as a tactic against Barcelona.

Messi even lost his cool during one Clasico and confronted Alvaro Arbeloa in the Bernabeu car park after the match. Looking back at the match you can see Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso repeatedly touching Messi’s face to try and provoke him. Very sneaky tactics from Jose Mourinho

[youtube id=”Y5x0-C29pzs” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

Telling Him He Can’t Have A Coke

The story goes that while Pep Guardiola was in charge at Barcelona, he was giving a pre-match team talk to the players. Messi, obviously feeling quite thirsty, stood up and asked Guardiola if he could have a can of Coke. Guardiola naturally refused, telling Messi that he couldn’t have a coke before a match.

Messi must have been really thirsty though, because he disobeyed his manager’s orders and went and got himself a Coke and drank it in front of all the players. Messi was either flexing his power or is a big fan of Coca-Cola; at any rate, it’s probably best to let Messi get his way!

Then again, he probably shouldn’t be drinking it anyway…



Like all top sportsmen, there is nothing Lionel Messi hates more than losing. It’s this that has helped shape him into one of the greatest footballers of all time. His constant hunger and need to win is fuelled by his hatred of losing.

Messi looked utterly dejected on the pitch when watching Real Madrid and Germany lift this year’s Copa Del Rey and World Cup trophies after beating Barcelona and Argentina respectively.


Being called a name or two won’t affect someone like Messi, being on the wrong end of a final will be what really upsets the little magician.


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