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Former Arsenal Striker Gervinho Tries To Smuggle Woman Into Rome On Plane, Four Airport Staff ‘Fired’

Former Arsenal Striker Gervinho Tries To Smuggle Woman Into Rome On Plane, Four Airport Staff ‘Fired’

Gervinho couldn’t quite cut the mustard during his time at Arsenal.

So it comes as quite a surprise that he’s become a mainstay in one of the giants of Italian football.

His 10 goals in 39 games for Roma make him an automatic first pick for club and country – but it seems the Ivory Coast international has been doing some scoring off the field as well.

Reported in IMatin, Gervinho found a new romance during the international break, where Ivory Coast took on Cameroon. So much so that the forward wanted to bring his new girl back to Rome with him.

There was just one slight snag though, his female companion was not permitted to be on the private jet which was given to him by Roma.

The fiasco as allegedly now cost four people their jobs.

As seen on 101 Great Goals, IMatin reported:

Gervinho bribed four Ivorian airport workers to turn a blind eye to the fact that his female companion wasn’t suppose to be on the flight.

“Gervinho then reportedly went to speak to the pilot to get his agreement on his extra passenger, however the pilot flatly refused and the lady was left behind.

“The four workers have been fired from their posts.”

Roma currently find themselves in second spot in Serie A. Perhaps their Ivorian hitman should stay focused on the footballing side of things if they wish to maintain their promising start to the season.


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