LA Laker Nick Young: “It’s All About My Swag…I Leave A Presence Like Michael Jackson Or Prince”

LA Laker Nick Young: “It’s All About My Swag…I Leave A Presence Like Michael Jackson Or Prince”

Nick Young isn’t exactly lacking in confidence… and it takes balls to compare yourself to Michael Jackson.

Balls or a severe lack of brain activity but we’ll let you decide on that one…

Young was interviewed after the Lakers win against the Houston Rockets last night, and it was, eh, certainly an eventful encounter.

The 29-year-old has been described as a ‘big-grinning, fun-loving goofball’ in the past, and going by this interview, that’s certainly not wide of the mark.

Young said: “It’s all about my swag. That’s a part of my repertoire. I’m talking about how I just walk off. I leave a presence when I walk off. I’m like Michael Jackson, Prince, all them other guys.”

[youtube id=”0UxQXOghG0U” align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

So swag.



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