5 Reasons Why The WWE Must Build On Roman’s Empire

5 Reasons Why The WWE Must Build On Roman’s Empire

Roman Reigns is fast becoming the biggest thing the WWE has to offer. He made his return recently at the TLC Pay Per View and it was like he hadn’t been away. With RAW’s dwindling ratings and the WWE Network needing a real lift in subscribers, Vince McMahon needs to put all his eggs in the basket of the 2014 Superstar Of The Year, Reigns. Here’s five reasons why:

1. It’s In His Genetics To Go Straight To The Top . . . And Stay There

For those who don’t know, Roman Reigns comes from an illustrious family of wrestling greats including Rikishi, Yokozuna, Umaga, The Uso’s and The Rock! It’s in his veins to go straight to the top and stay there.


2. The WWE Universe Love To See Him Punch Folk In The Mouth

3. If He Wins The Royal Rumble The Fans Will Have A Wrestlemania Main Event Worth Watching

Last year’s Wrestlemania main event was more or less a damp squib. Superstars like Randy Orton and ‘Boo-tista’ aren’t the type to get the juices flowing, especially in the main event of the WWE’s biggest show of the year. With Reigns being the hot favourite to win this year’s Royal Rumble, the thought of him taking the title from the ever-absent Brock Lesnar on the biggest stage of them all is frightening.

4. The Fans Are Fed Up With Squeeky-Clean John Cena Main Eventing Every Pay Per View.

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For nearly a decade now, the WWE Universe have sat and listened to John Cena’s ‘do good’ promo’s and still, creative see him as the companies top face who seems to fight in every main event, this has to change. Without turning heel, Cena is quickly becoming irrelevant and boring to the fans. Reigns could certainly fill that void by taking his place.

5. It’s About Time A Full Timer Held The Belt And Reigns Is That Man

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Sightings of the WWE Title are as rare as a Heath Slater win these days and the belt is losing importance by the day while being held by Brock Lesnar. It needs a superstar to carry the belt for a long period, and has to be a full-timer. Reigns is always present and his face certainly fits. His athleticism and dominance is what a champion needs!


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