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After an ugly first half, the second half started to become exciting. Following a couple of drives ending in punts, the Seahawks moved the ball into FG range but were held to 4th down. Then Pete Carroll created some magic with a fake FG that punter Jon Ryan was able to complete the pass to former TE now OT Gary Gilliam for a huge momentum shifting TD.

Aaron Rodgers struggled connecting on passes, and at one point rolling his ankle and falling to the turf. On top of that, Eddie Lacy took himself out of the game early in the 4th quarter due to his suffering from asthma. He has struggled the last two weeks with his asthma which is greatly concerning for the Packers.

For the Seahawks, after Earl Thomas got banged up in the first half, Richard Sherman appeared to suffer a left elbow hyperextension.

Tempting fate, Russell Wilson threw into triple coverage and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix nearly came away with his 3rd interception of the day. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, Wilson was hit as he released the ball, forcing a 4th down and a punt. Despite an injured Sherman, the Seahawks held the Packers to a three and out and get the ball back with 5:22 left.

The first play of the drive, Wilson tried to force one in to Jermaine Kearse who couldn’t can’t his hands on it, and the ball bounced to Packers DB Morgan Burnett. Wilson’s 4th INT essentially killed anything and everything the Seahawks had going for them. The Seahawks defense was able to stop Lacy the next three downs to force a three and out, but with just over four minutes left.

The following drive, Wilson hit Lynch out of the backfield with a touch pass on a wheel route. The officials called it a touchdown on the field, after Lynch avoided tacklers and broke his way into the end zone, but it was overturned. The ball was spotted at the nine yard line.

Three plays later, with 2:09 to go, Wilson took the ball himself into the end zone after faking the handoff. It brought the score to 19-14, but with Seattle with only one timeout left, they are forced to kick an onside kick.

The Packers failed to recover the onside kick, and the Seahawks were given life. Once dead, they now have the chance to take the lead if they score. Packers TE Brandon Bostick muffed the kick allowing the Seahawks to catch the ball mid-air.

The Seahawks took the ball, and gave it to Marshawn Lynch. Lynch did the rest. Taking the ball to the end zone, and then on a chuck and a prayer by Wilson completed the two-point conversion to go ahead 22-19.

Rodgers was given 1:19 seconds and three timeouts to get into field goal range to extend the game into overtime or to win with a touchdown. Hitting open receivers and even scrambling for a first down, Rodgers moved down the field to get the ball to attempt a 48 yard field goal. Crosby came through and nailed the kick to tie it up with 0:14 left.

Seahawks kneel the ball to take the game to overtime. This is the game people wanted to watch.

Seattle won the coin toss and elected to receive. On a 3rd and 6, Wilson hit Doug Baldwin for a 35 yard pass, moving the ball across the 40 yard line. The next play, Wilson hits Jermaine Kearse for the game winning 35 yard touchdown. The crowd went insane. The Seahawks went insane. The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.

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Adam BogdanJanuary 19, 2015

Adam BogdanJanuary 19, 2015