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The beginning of the AFC Championship game will start with the Colts receiving the ball. Patriots started with Kyle Arrington on TY Hilton and Darrelle Revis on Reggie Wayne. Brandon Browner was playing linebacker. After gaining one yard on the first play run by Herron, Luck threw two incompletions forcing a punt on 4th down.

Edelman returned the punt to near midfield to start the Patriots first drive. After two runs and an incomplete pass, the Patriots were forced to punt. On the punt, Josh Cribbs muffed the punt and the Patriots recovered.

Several plays into the drive, on 3rd and inches, Brady handed off to Blount who charged forward into the end zone on initial call, but was reviewed and deemed short. The very next play, Blount pounded it in, giving the Patriots the first score and the lead 7-0.

Colts come out with a pitch to Herron, who takes a great lane to gain the first down. On a Luck scramble, Revis was slow to get up and was taken to the sideline. On 3rd down, the Colts got the first down on a holding penalty on Browner.

Colts continue to hit short passes and a few decent runs to move the chains. Several drops though create a 3rd and 10. Logan Ryan had good coverage on Reggie Wayne, forcing Luck to throw it into the ground by his feet. Vinatieri missed a 51 yard attempt wide right. The wind appeared to really move the ball.

Patriots come out with a jet motion handoff to Julian Edelman to gain a quick 14 yards. Vereen adjusted on an underthrown ball and makes an amazing catch to move the Patriots inside of the red zone. An Edelman conversion on 3rd and 9 sets up 1st and goal for the Patriots. Patriots use a play action pass to get the ball to FB James Develin in the flat, who then pulls two defenders into the end zone. 14-0 Patriots with 1:20 left in the 1st quarter.

Up to this point, Luck is 3 of 9, but the Colts have had some success in the run game. Luck has nearly been picked off twice by Rob Ninkovich.

On 3rd and 10, the Patriots were able to get pressure on Luck, forcing a bad throw and an incomplete pass. Colts punt the ball on 4th down.

Brady was nearly picked off by Mike Adams trying to thread the needle to Gronk. Patriots have used six OL formations often with Cameron Fleming, and they’ve been successful with it and running. After converting a 3rd down, Edelman was shaken up and taken to the locker room, walking under his own power. Didn’t seem overly concerning.

The next three plays, Blount gashed the Colts front seven for over 20 yards. Heading towards the red zone, Brady forced a pass to Rob Gronkowski and was intercepted by D’Qwell Jackson as he cut underneath the seam route. Colts ball.

A unnecessary roughness call on Vince Wilfork extends the Colts drive. Luck still hasn’t completed a pass to a WR and there is just over 7:00 minutes left. Then Luck hits Hilton on a close sideline catch for a 36 yard gain.

After a questionable illegal contact penalty, the Colts are given another 1st down. After a brutal spot by the officiating, a near fumble by Fleener in the end zone, and the refs being disorganized, the Colts scored on a one yard run by RB Zurlon Tipton.

Patriots offense comes back on the field with Edelman and are able to convert their first 3rd down with a crossing route to Edelman.

Blount runs another three times, juking and spinning his way for a couple first downs. A 250 lb running back should not be able to move like he is tonight.

Out of the 2:00 minute warning, Brady converts a 3rd and short for a 1st down. Colts hit Brady and cause a roughing the passer penalty. Arthur Jones, flopped on the following play in embarrassing form. Targeting Greg Toler, Brady tried to hit Gronk in the back corner of the end zone but he can’t get his feet down. On 3rd and 10, Brady takes off and gains 9 yards. Before calling a timeout, the Patriots appeared to be going for it on 4th and inches. Brady gets help from James Develin and gets the first down on the QB sneak.

Colts get away with pass interference on Amendola, and the Colts force a 3rd down and goal from the three yard line. Then no call on holding on Gronk and Vereen the following two plays. Colts force a FG by the Patriots. Pats up 17-7 with 0:09 seconds left and will get the ball to start the 2nd half.

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