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After a rather one-sided first half, the Patriots received the opening kickoff up 17-7. After a 3rd down conversion to Edelman (a theme tonight), Blount picks up some tough yardage and moves the ball past midfield, including a 22 yard run. He has 20 carries for 108 yards and a TD so far. Devlin has been great with lead blocking, and their offensive line has been dominant. On 3rd and inches, Patriots go play action and complete a quick pass to eligible OT Nate Solder who carries two Colts into the end zone for the TD. The entire OL unit celebrated with Solder in the end zone. Patriots up 24-7.

Colts take over as the weather begins to get worse. Colts go three and out as Patriots get pressure on each play.

One play into the drive, Brady connects with Gronk for the first time for a first down. Following play the Colts get to Brady for the first time.

On 3rd and 7, Brady connects with Gronk again for the first down with forward progress. Brady hit Edelman on a seam following play action, shortly after Blount plows ahead for nine yards to get to the five yard line. Another Brady sneak gets the first down, to the one yard line. Officials missed Solder reporting eligible and flag the Patriots for it. On 3rd and 1, the Patriots run a slant with Gronk split out for an easy TD. Patriots lead now 31-7.

I hate to seem biased, but this game is about as one-sided as it gets, and it should be worse.

Colts moving the ball, connecting with Hakeem Nicks and Reggie Wayne. Then Luck under throws his receiver, Revis picks it off and returns it to the 13 yard line. The very next play Blount bursts into the end zone. Patriots lead 38-7.

Colts are held to another punt, Edelman returns the favor and goes nearly 40 yards down the field. Patriots move the ball to the Indianapolis 40 yard line going into the 4th quarter. Belichick has to be thinking about putting reserves in to play.

Gronk drops an open pass on 3rd down, but Belichick chooses to go for it on 4th down. Edelman gets the catch and converts the 4th down attempt. Colts LB Andy Studebaker was coughing up blood after being blocked by Bolden on the previous punt. Hope he’s ok. Blount charges ahead again for the first down. The Colts have given up. Players have their hands on their hips, heads down.

Another 3rd down conversion to Edelman, giving the Patriots a 1st and goal. Next play, Blount punches it in again to make it 45-7 with 10 minutes left in the game.

With the Patriots playing soft man coverage, Luck converts throws to a number of receivers. Patriots not blitzing, Colts sitting back and throwing to the open player. Luck tries one more time to throw it into the flat, but Jamie Collins undercuts the route and picks Luck off and returns it into Colts territory.

Patriots put backups in, go three and out, and punt to the Colts with 5:45 left in the game. Colts unable to move the ball, forced to punt. Time for the mercy rule to go into effect.

After one play, the Patriots pulled Brady and put in Jimmy Garoppolo. After a Jonas Gray run, the Patriots run the clock down to the 2:00 minute warning with a punt coming on 4th down.

The Patriots will be facing the Seattle Seahawks in Arizona on February 1st at 6:30 PM Eastern. On to Arizona.

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