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People Need to Chill Out Over Johnny “Football” Manziel

People Need to Chill Out Over Johnny “Football” Manziel

First of all, this piece is not to convince anyone of the idea that Johnny Manziel is meant to be an NFL superstar in the next year, or ever for that matter.

But this BS coming from family, friends, or anyone I see anywhere for that matter, about this 22-YEAR-OLD is infantile by NFL standards, and yes, it makes me puke looking in the mirror wondering what I’m accomplishing at the same age – being washed up after throwing just 26 NFL passes needs to cease. It’s making a fool out of all of us

By Peter Zampa – @pzamp

Mr Football didn’t ask for celebritydom, but he has handled it extremely well for a kid. He gave many of us a magnifying glass to peer into the life we all dreamed of “Big Man on Campus” in College Station complete with pictures of him in stupid Halloween costumes and above-average looking co-eds; Heisman Trophy Winner when he still had to get permission slips signed by his legal guardian; an NFL contract as a way to celebrate his 21st birthday.

We all liked that he didn’t bow down to the press, he continued to act like a college kid, because that’s what he was.

His play on the field did not suffer from his antics off of it, he still managed to electrify his town and solidify himself as the most entertaining player in college football history. We liked relating to a guy who has more than most of us ever will, on some level at least.

And now that he has brought his swagger and unwavering confidence to the professional level, I found myself going to battle over all-too-many leftover turkey dinners (quite gross how long it lasts) about why people need to chill out when it comes to his life in the NFL.

Yes, there were clear deficiencies in the way he played against both the Bengals and Panthers. There were also holes in the hands of multiple receivers on his team; it almost looked like they oiled them up just for good ol’ Johnny. If you watched the games, he also watched many plays from his back.

I’m not deflecting blame, he made plenty of bad decisions in his first game and a half, but combined with poor performances around him and being younger than just about every single person around him, I will not listen to “I knew his party-boy attitude would catch up with him” or “I’ve never seen anyone take their craft less seriously” any longer.

There is obviously a learning curve and if NFL fans haven’t figured that out yet they’re simply not paying attention. You can say him continuing to party is unprofessional, however I would whole-heartedly detest you and the dampener I’m sure you put on every party you’ve ever walked into. Those kinds of things keep him from becoming a robot or puppet, and give him the unique qualities of which we’re all envious as football fans or simply young adults.

He was never going to be Johnny Football right away in the NFL. For now he needs to be Johnny Under-the-Radar until he gets his bearings and NFL consumers get off his damn back. But if you write this, once again, 22 YEAR OLD and his career off after throwing just 26 professional passes, I feel sorry for you and the haterade you’ve been drinking.

PS – Johnny if you’re reading, which you probably are, remember who’s got your back. If there’s space on the Money Team just holla.

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