Did WWE Use Sting Impersonator On Monday Night Raw Because the Real Thing Was Too Expensive?

Did WWE Use Sting Impersonator On Monday Night Raw Because the Real Thing Was Too Expensive?

WWE was left red-faced on Monday Night Raw after being forced to use a Sting impersonator because they couldn’t get the real thing.


The mysterious WCW legend added another chapter to the ongoing feud between himself and Triple H.

The Game appeared in the ring calling out Sting and his wish was granted, or what we were led to believe.

When the lights flashed on, ‘Sting’ appeared in the ring with Triple H. But on second viewing it’s clear to see its not the real deal.


Rumours have circulated that the real reason for using a Sting impersonator is due to the expensive of appearances in Sting’s bumper contract.

Watch the full segment here:

At least the WWE Universe found out he accepts The Game’s invite. The two stars will meet at WWE’s upcoming PPV, Fast Lane, which will certainly confirm the pair will face off at Wrestlemania 31.

This isn’t the first time WWE have used fake stars. They’ve previously used a fake Diesel (played by Glenn Jacobs – aka Kane) and also a Razor Ramon impersonator.



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