Top 10 WWE Superstars Who Starred in NXT

Top 10 WWE Superstars Who Starred in NXT

For wrestling fans, the show which has become a must watch in recent months has been NXT.

The developmental territory showcases the newest talent and lets characters build before they’re thrust into the spotlight of Raw or Smackdown.

I’ve compiled a top ten list of talent who started their WWE career down at the NXT base down in Florida.

*Not including the guys who came up through the reality version of NXT*

By Ross Brady – Lead WWE Writer – @RossBrady29

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10. Bo Dallas

He hasn’t been a massive success since coming up to the big leagues, but has become a cult favourite among fans.

His cheesy inspirational lines and win streak at the beginning of his stint has brought some humour to the main roster and made Bolievers out of us.

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9. Erick Rowan

Rowan was perhaps the weakest member of the Wyatt family but his look fits the creepy gimmick to a tee.

His in-ring work has got much better and he was a tag team champion alongside Luke Harper.

His greatest moment in his solo career was as part of Team Cena that banished the Authority at Survivor Series.

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8. Tyson Kidd

He didn’t begin his career in NXT, but, after career threatening injuries, it was the perfect place for Kidd to recuperate before propelling himself back to the main roster.

His feuds with Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville helped Kidd rebuild his character and confidence.

Kidd is now a Tag team champion with Swiss Superman Cesaro.

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7. Big E Langston

He was NXT champion when he was promoted to the big time.

And he became a star as soon as he arrived on Raw, even picking up the intercontinental championship.

The New Day isn’t working out for many wrestling fans at the moment, but we have no doubt Big E can bounce back.

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6. Luke Harper

Promoted to the main roster as part of the Wyatt family.

Along with Bray and Erick Rowan, Harper helped sell eerie promos and played the part of a hired ghoul to a tee.

But his in-ring work was also getting noticed, and since he was allowed to follow the buzzards on his own, Harper has picked up the intercontinental title before losing it to Dolph Ziggler.

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5. Paige

On her first night on the main roster, Paige beat AJ Lee and became the youngest Divas champ of all time.

She’s added another title reign since and has been a standout in the women’s division since her arrival.

The PTO in particular is an impressive submission hold. Her unique look and in-ring ability also sets her apart from the rest of the Divas in the locker room.

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4. Rusev

The Bulgarian brute was propelled into the WWE and was transformed into a pro-Russian enthusiast, alongside the beautiful Lana.

Rusev has destroyed everyone in his path and looks set to go up against the face of the company John Cena at his first Wrestlemania.

Rusev is unbeaten so far in his main roster run including matches where national pride was at stake for the likes of Big Show, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry.

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3. Roman Reigns

He was part of the best faction since DX, with the Shield.

Excelling in six man tag matches against a whole host of opponents from Randy Orton to the Undertaker.

Reigns was the muscle and provided some legitimacy to what the Shield were.

Since the group’s split, Reigns has won the 2015 Royal Rumble and is set to headline this year’s Wrestlemania.

The likelihood is he’ll be the next face of the company.

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2. Bray Wyatt

The Eater of World’s Bray Wyatt has been a magical addition to the WWE roster since his arrival.

Everything from his creepy persona to his entrance has been impressive.

Wyatt fought Cena in his first Wrestlemania and looks set to square off against the Undertaker at this year’s event.

A couple of impressive opponents for your first two Mania events.

One of the best in recent history at delivering promos.

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1. Seth Rollins

The first ever NXT champion Seth Rollins was catapulted to the big leagues with Dean Ambrose and Reigns as part of the Shield.

His in-ring work makes him one of the most exciting wrestlers to watch in the world.

His kerb stomp finisher is so simple yet effective and can be applied to everyone from the Big Show to Rey Mysterio (the mark of a good finisher).

But since breaking up the Shield and joining the Authority, Rollins has gone from strength to strength, winning the 2014 Money in the Bank.

The future of the WWE proved he was worthy of that tag when he was the star of the show in a five-star triple threat match at the Royal Rumble.

That’s why he’s my number one guy to come out of NXT.

Let me know who you think is the best to come out of the promotion in the comments below?

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