VIDEO: Page 3 Model In Arsenal Top Offers Tottenham Fans To Get Naked If They Swap Shirts With Her

VIDEO: Page 3 Model In Arsenal Top Offers Tottenham Fans To Get Naked If They Swap Shirts With Her

If a page 3 model came up to you in the street and promised she would take her top off if you did and swap shirts with her would you do it?

Of course you would.

However, if she approached you outside your beloved football team’s home stadium on derby day in your fiercest rival’s kit and asked you to swap would you still do it?

That’s the situation some Tottenham fans were faced with on Saturday afternoon as cheeky TalkSport sent the well blessed Lucy Collett to White Hart Lane to test their faith.

And somehow they managed to stay completely loyal to their team when they were presented with the opportunity to get a glamour model topless.

At first, Lucy asked the question “If I was to take off my shirt, would you take off your shirt?” to which most fans replied with a firm yes.

However, when she asked her next question: “Would you swap shirts with me?” the fans began to grow suspicious and when she revealed an Arsenal top it was a no from everybody.

[youtube id=”-EqStFiuBn0″ align=”center” maxwidth=”680″]

Must. Stay. Faithful. To. Team …




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