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Why Daniel Bryan MUST NOT Main Event WrestleMania 31

Why Daniel Bryan MUST NOT Main Event WrestleMania 31

This Monday, the WWE threw the fans a bone to stop their whining and booing and announced that Daniel Bryan would face Roman Reigns at the first ever Fast Lane pay-per-view. The stipulation? Roman Reigns number one contendership is on the line. Whoever wins at Fast Lane gets to main event Wrestlemania against Brock Lesnar.

This has Daniel Bryan’s fans in a frenzy as they see their guy getting his “rightful” shot at dethroning Brock Lesnar. However, it is not his rightful shot to take away a Royal Rumble victory and whine his way into the main event.

By: Adam Pyde – @Adam_Pyde

He cannot cut a promo:

He is no better off on the mic than Reigns. In fact, I find him worse than Reigns lately since he’s gone back to being a man of few words.

He’s a great ring worker. There is no denying that. Kudos to you, Daniel Bryan. But he’s a dull person and an awful promo. I enjoy his matches, but then he always ruins it with a promo that takes me out of it.

Blame the writing staff all you want, but he does not deliver them with any kind of conviction that your average fan could do. Every single one of them is the same.

“I am the fan’s wrestler! Every fan wants me at the top! I deserve that match! Something anti-authority! Yes!”

It comes across like someone “play” wrestling or out of the South Park episode. It is awkward to watch and I do not want to watch the build for a main event match be awkward. It should be the exact opposite.

I have always been annoyed by the “Yes!” chant too. I could deal with it last year but I feel its becoming a crutch versus a compliment to him. Whether happy or sad, he just “Yes!”‘s all day. Its getting stale in year two.

He is not the “greatest ring worker of all time”:

You cannot talk to a Bryan fan without them bringing up how he is such a great ring worker.

He dominates, then gets beat down a bit, comes back, gets beat a little, stops selling and then does his Hulking Up/Channeling The Warrior and wins.

He has his own five moves of doom but none of his fans seem to acknowledge it, but boy will they tell you about why every other wrestler sucks because he has five moves.

He opens match with kicks, then hits a missile dropkick, his backflip spot running up the turnbuckle, more kicks, a suicide dive, and close it with a running knee. That is pretty well it. I guess you could say he has six moves because he has the occasional submission move like the Yes Lock which takes 15 seconds to apply while the opponent pretends there is no possible way for them to easily get out of it.

He is good in the ring, but he’s nothing more special than many of the other guys on the roster. Reigns has had good, long matches with CM Punk, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton. He anchored the Shield at Survivor Series 2013 and has lasted 33 and 27 minutes in his Royal Rumble apperances. He’s had a number of 12-15 minute matches on TV and has been working main event length singles matches at house shows since the breakup of The Shield.

He’s a good wrestler. Do not kid yourself.

His current storyline and why it is wrong:

Last year was last year. I was on board last year. I was fine with him last year because I just wanted something that was not Cena/Orton again. I like to see new match ups and stories.

Basically retreading last years storyline has me totally out of it. This time subbing HHH for Reigns, and Lesnar for Orton. New match-ups? I suppose. But not the right way to do them. You could put Ziggler and Lesnar into a match but it still needs the right story.

His current storyline is about as face as Big Show’s “I’m gonna put the WWE out of business!” was. Its not very babyface.

“The guy who won the Royal Rumble fairly and squarely with a clean victory does not deserve it! I deserve it! Sentence about how anti-authority I am! Give me the match I want because I am not going to stop whining for it! Yes!”

If it was not for the anti-authority lines he delivers then his entire act is the whining, sniveling heel shtick we have seen so many times (Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Orton, Rollins) and fans are supposed to despise.

Going forward:

The best thing for the WWE is to have Reigns get a clean win over Bryan. Then, instead of pouting after like a heel, Bryan does the true face move and shakes Reigns’ hand, shows him respect and gives him his “approval” for Wrestlemania.

That is how you build top stars. The fans want multiple top stars to cheer for. Bryan already is a top star. He should do what Cena did for him at Summerslam 2013. That would be best for business.

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