5 Ways Wrestlemania 31 Could Have Been Better

5 Ways Wrestlemania 31 Could Have Been Better

Wrestlemania 31 was absolutely brilliant.

Stuart Hynd already told us how it ranked amongst the best we’ve ever seen.

There was so many mark-out moments from the show at Levi’s Stadium including Seth Rollins cashing in, Ronda Rousey teaming up with The Rock and DX vs. NWO.

But it wasn’t the perfect show, here’s five ways it could have been made better.

By Ross Brady – Lead WWE Writer – @rossbrady29

1. The ending to Sting v HHH

I can’t lie, it would have been great to see Sting get the win here.

But I understand the decision to put HHH over.

Especially, when we look at the big picture of Wrestlemania 32, which looks likely to be The Game vs. The Rock that’ll make the company more money.

But what was the deal with the handshake at the end of the match?

Only 20 seconds earlier, Hunter had hit the Icon with a sledgehammer.

So I have two points,

1) I’d be pretty pissed if I got cheated out of my first Mania match because I got hit in the face with a deadly weapon. 2) That would hurt like a muthaf*****.

But the face of WCW got up pretty much no-selling the blow and both men took the decision to shake hands.

For me, it made no sense after watching what just unfolded.

2. The daylight

The setting stood out from any other show of the year and that’s what Wrestlemania is supposed to do.

So props go to WWE for that.

The stage looked fantastic, 80,000 fans packed into a football stadium was a sight to behold.

But that pesky sun robbed fans of potentially three amazing entrances.

Sting, Bray Wyatt and of course, The Undertaker didn’t have the same mystique that they’ve had in earlier years.

Having waited a year for Taker’s entrance or all my life for a Mania Sting entrance, it was a bit of a shame.

3. The tag match

I’m kind of against filling matches to get everyone on the show.

Quite simply for me, The New Day and Los Matadores shouldn’t have been on the card.

We could have had instead 10-12 minutes of The Uso’s taking on Kidd and Cesaro.

That would have kicked off the show in supreme fashion.

The two best tag teams WWE have right now on the main roster.

Sometimes less is better.

4. The timing given to the Divas match

It was only last month that AJ Lee sparked controversy on Twitter when she fired off a Twitter tirade at Stephanie McMahon telling her to #GiveDivasAChance.

Well there was quite a lot of build to this one to the point we knew the ladies would be on the biggest stage unlike two years ago when they were cut.

But they only received six minutes and 42 seconds.

Even Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels would have struggled to tell a good in-ring story in that amount of time.

The music act received a good 10 minutes.

If WWE shaved three minutes off that and handed it to the Divas, I think everyone could have enjoyed that match a little more.

5. Undertaker not speaking before his bout

Credit to Bray Wyatt for being able to sell this Mania blockbuster on his own.

He’s deserving of the moniker of the New Face of Fear.

But what would have added prestige to this match was if we heard what the match meant to the Deadman, even if this was on Raw on Monday.

We could have also heard what losing the streak meant to him as well.

Feel like that’s a missed opportunity and we don’t really know where we stand with the legend.


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