Dominic Inglot Takes to Twitter to Clarify That Andy Murray Was Joking About His Side Chick

Dominic Inglot Takes to Twitter to Clarify That Andy Murray Was Joking About His Side Chick

Andy Murray had everyone laughing earlier on after his post match interview where it seemed he had stuck his buddy, Dominic Inglot, in the s**t after saying Inglot was celebrating with his girlfriend in Glasgow tonight – only thing was, his girlfriend was in London watching the game on TV.

The pair were celebrating a quarter final victory over the USA when Murray seemed to have stuck his team mate in for cheating.

And Murray’s horror moment has been doing the rounds on the internet as one of the bloopers of the year seemed to have taken place.

However, Inglot has now taken to Twitter to state that the whole thing was just a joke.

The 29-year-old has said that it was just banter between him and Murray and he has no girl on the side.

We’re not sure we believe this, sounds like the words of a guilty man to us …


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