5 Magic Moments We’d All Love to See in the WWE

5 Magic Moments We’d All Love to See in the WWE

The Shield Reuniting

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The Shield will one day get back together – of that I have no doubt. I just don’t think it will happen any time soon. Ambrose, Reigns and Seth Rollins should go on to have successful individual careers before reuniting to fight injustice together one last time. Imagine Rollins on the ground as champion when a leader of a new faction enters with his Money In The Bank briefcase. Just as they look to snatch the WWE Championship away from him, it hits… SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA SHIELD. In run Ambrose and Reigns from the crowd to save their old pal and The Shield is back! Okay, maybe I stole that dream from when DX reunited in 2006, but you get the picture. What a moment that would be.

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