A Team-By-Team Recap of the 2015 NFL Draft

A Team-By-Team Recap of the 2015 NFL Draft

Kansas City Chiefs

One thing was for sure before the Draft: they had to pick a wide out. They waited until the third round to do so, but landed a great prospect in Chris Conley. Marcus Peters was their 1st round choice, a corner with a great upside but with off-field issues. They filled all their needs, and didn’t reach. Smart Draft.

Grade: B

Miami Dolphins

Miami is scary-looking before the 2015 season. They have a lot of good wide receivers, and landed another one in the Draft. DeVante Parker was the best route runner, and should make Ryan Tannehill a lot better. Jordan Phillips in the 2nd round was a steal, and can be great next to Ndamukong Suh. Jay Ayaji sled all the way to 5th, and Dolphins couldn’t turn him down. The Englishman will play at Wembley this year.

Grade: B

Minnesota Vikings

Trae Waynes can pay out pig in Minnesota. I was expecting a reunion with Parker and Bridgewater, but Waynes is such a talent. Eric Kendricks happened to be available in the 2nd round, and the Vikings got a steal. Third round: another steal, as Hunter fell into their lap. Fourth round: ‘sure 1st rounder’ TJ Clemmings falls all the way to Minnesota. Four top, top picks by Minnesota – without trading up.

Grade: A

New England Patriots

Difficult Draft position, but they got some good picks. Malcom Brown was a great pickup late in the first round – and they kept on filling their needs for 10 picks. But they did not draft a wide receiver.

Grade: B

New Orleans Saints

The ‘new’ Saints is not a passing team, it seems. They needed receiver and tight ends, but didn’t draft any. They got a huge tackle and an underrated linebacker in the 1st round. They got a backup (replacement?) for Drew Brees in the 3rd round in Garrett Grayson. I was wondering who would take a chance on PJ Williams, and Saints got him in the 3rd. A fantastic talent with a lot of red flags.

Grade: B

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New York Giants

Were targeting Ereck Flowers all the way, and got him at nine. He’s a terrific run blocker who should help out New York’s backfield. They traded up to get Landon Collins in the second, and I think a lot of teams will regret passing on him. Another projected 1st round prospect, the unpronounceable Owamagbe Odighizuwa sled to them in the 3rd. Did not have a lot of picks left, so couldn’t fill all their needs.

Grade: C

New York Jets

One of the best Drafts was by the Jets. They were extremely lucky as Leonard Williams found his way to six. They got the freakishly fast Devin Smith in the 2nd round, and whoever is the QB will be happy with the wide out group this year. And that whoever might just be Bryce Petty, who got drafted in the 4th round. Not a day one starter, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds his way to under center during the season.

Grade: B

Oakland Raiders

Oakland were in a great position in the Draft, and got the best wide receiver. Amari Cooper will help out QB Derek Carr a lot. He also got another weapon in 6’4” tight end Clive Walford. Raiders then filled all their needs – except running back! I don’t know what the plan is there.

Grade: C

Philadelphia Eagles

Chip was trying to sell the farm to buy Marcus Mariota, but didn’t succeed. Ended up taking a late WR riser Nelson Agholor. Sam Bradford (/Tim Tebow) should be happy. Eric Rowe was a nice pick in the 2nd round, but the late rounds were a mess. Three corners taken, no linemen and no safeties. Did you look at your Draft board, Chip?

Grade: D

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