Baltimore Orioles Play Game in Front of.. No-One

Baltimore Orioles Play Game in Front of.. No-One

The Baltimore riots have had a widespread effect not only in the city of Baltimore but throughout the US.

I’m not here to act as a knowledgeable voice on the problems, thus I will stick to their impact on sport.

The Orioles played a game in front of exactly zero fans on Wednesday, and I watched a few innings for that reason alone. I’m sure the television ratings were sky-high, because Major League Baseball has never seen this in its 145-year history. In European soccer, an empty stadium is seen on occasion as a form of punishment to the fans or organization, but the lack of fans at Camden Yards is the result of civil unrest in a sad, sad string of events. The Orioles went on to win the game 8-2, and gave us a few bright spots in an otherwise bleak situation.

By Peter Zampa – Lead MLB Writer – @pzamp

Chris Davis hit a moonshot that was caught by… no-one.

He also hilariously threw a ball into the stands as is tradition that was caught by… no-one.

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Announcer Gary Thorne wasn’t sure how to broadcast a completely silent game, so he came with a backup plan.

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And a bullpen catcher Caleb Joseph got to finally sign those autographs that… no-one ever asked him for.

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A few hilarious moments brought our attention away from a city in distress, if only for a long, quiet three hours.

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