Chelsea Defenders Have Amazingly Scored More Goals Than The Liverpool Strikers Combined

Chelsea Defenders Have Amazingly Scored More Goals Than The Liverpool Strikers Combined

Chelsea’s defenders have been impenetrable this season, having conceded by far the fewest goals in the Premier League. But, judging by this latest statistic, they aren’t bad at the other end either.

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Astonishingly, the Blues defence have scored 19 goals and assisted 15 times in all competitions this season – contributing towards an amazing 34 goals so far.

Liverpool’s strikers, meanwhile, have only found the net on 13 occasions and, embarrassingly, have only assisted four times. In total they have contributed towards an embarrasing 17 goals for their side.

The loss of Luis Suarez to Barcelona, and the injuries to Daniel Sturridge have certainly hurt Liverpool, but there is no excuse for such a dismal attacking performance.

Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert & Sturridge when fit, have been exceptionally poor. Partly the reason why Liverpool languish on the periphery of the Champions League slots in the league.

Can Balotelli or Lambert outgun Terry or Cahill this afternoon? Judging by the season so far, we wouldn’t bet on it.

Stat courtesy of @Chelseaherotoma



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