Are These The Kits Chelsea Will Defend Their Premier League Title In Next Season?

Are These The Kits Chelsea Will Defend Their Premier League Title In Next Season?

With the invention of social media it’s becoming increasingly difficult for football clubs to hatch a surprise on fans as far as new kits are concerned.

And it seems the internet may have won again this afternoon, after reported leaked pictures of Chelsea’s new home, away and third kits appeared on Instagram.

The kits of course have yet to be confirmed and the club will not comment until the official Adidas unveiling later this summer, but if this are the real deal, Chelsea fans will be very pleased!

Jose Mourinho’s side romped to the Premier League title last season and were virtually unopposed as the rest of the field failed to mount a serious challenge.

So, in order to maintain that success the Stamford Bridge club have to maintain a sense on sustainability.

Firstly by not selling any star players, secondly by bringing in new blood and thirdly by introducing a new swanky kit for Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas to model along the way.

These images first appeared via Instagram with all three shits featuring the club’s newest sponsor, Yokohama:

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