VIDEO: Tall Guy Pretends He’s Just Been Drafted To NBA … Everyone Buys It And Treats Him Like A Legend

VIDEO: Tall Guy Pretends He’s Just Been Drafted To NBA … Everyone Buys It And Treats Him Like A Legend

We all have a mate who is the ultimate chancer, and we all know someone who manages to somehow jump the queue at clubs or get a last-minute VIP pass to a gig.

But of all the chancers you know – all the tall tales you can think of – pale in comparison to this conman, Elite Daily writer Connor Toole.

Connor happens to be 7ft tall and decided to use his height to his advantage at last week’s NBA draft.

Connor looked out his best suit, threw on a baseball cap and some shades, and headed down to New York City’s Barclays Centre for last week’s draft, masquerading as Utah Jazz’s brand new signing.

According to, after gaining entry unopposed to the exclusive players’ lounge and the VIP parties that come with it, he the posed for photos, signed autographs and then proceeded to get absolutely hammered in surrounding bars in downtown NYC, surrounded by his adoring new fans.

Surely this has got to be every sports fan’s dream?

Check out the video below; It already has over 3,000,000 hits on YouTube:


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