Balor, Breeze and Big Cass? Top 5 Talents in NXT

Balor, Breeze and Big Cass? Top 5 Talents in NXT

Everyone knows NXT is the perfect sounding board for future WWE stars.

It’s where most main roster wrestlers learn their trade and will continue to be the breeding ground for the company.

But who is leading the pack of wannabe greats now? We rundown from five to one:

By Ryan Flynn – Lead WWE Writer – @ryryflynn

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5. Tyler Breeze

In the opinion of many people, Breeze is one of the best on NXT at the moment. Breeze is a very charasmatic person whose gimmick sees him play a self-obsorbed, selfish, spoilt, pretty boy. He plays his gimmick so well it’s nearly difficult to call him a heel seeing how appreciated he is by the NXT universe.

As well as playing his gimmick well, Breeze has fantastic in-ring ability and had a style similar (as well as a look and gimmick) to that of Dolph Ziggler. Personally, my favourite match of Tyler’s would have to be his fatal four-way for the NXT title with Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn, and Tyson Kidd. Breeze is a terrific talent and we could be seeing him move to the main roster shortly.

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4. Bayley

We’re looking at the most talented Diva on the NXT roster following the call-ups of the three other members of ‘The Four Horsewomen’, Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. Bayley has received a lot of praise for being an excellent face, she connects with the crowd so well and is loved by everyone who watched NXT.

She had a great fatal four-way with Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks – one heralded as arguably the greatest women’s match in the history of wrestling. Lynch will probably have a run as the top Diva on NXT before making the much-anticipated move to the main roster where I believe she could be a top Diva.

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3. Enzo Amore and Big Cass

These guys are my favourite performers on NXT – and I use the word performers because they’re more than just wrestlers. Their entrance is phenomenal and Enzo may be the best NXT talent on the mic since development branch started.

Colin Cassidy is a fantastic talent as well with great charisma and has great in-ring ability for such a big guy. But he doesn’t compare to Enzo, who I believe could be the most charismatic star signed to a WWE contract. He’s already demonstrated that in promos and entrances before. Their call-up could be inevitable with both working the main roster house shows and dark matches on Smackdown.

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2. Sami Zayn

This was a difficult one as Zayn could have been top but instead he just falls at a close second. Zayn is an incredibly talented wrested and has put on countless of great matches on down at NXT. He’s effectively been the face of the development since the first ever takeover, despite having the shortest reign as champions.

However, he is out injured and his future within NXT is doubtful. Zayn has already claimed that he won’t be back in the ring until 2016, but has insisted he will come after Kevin Owens on his return. Owens is now on the main roster so expect that Zayn could be a surprise personality there to re-ignite that long-time rivalry.

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1. Finn Balor

Finn is probably the most over NXT star ever. Some say he is the best in the branch and watching his match with Owens at the Beast in the East network special it’s easy to see why. Balor has been learning his trade for a long time and, although he’s only been in WWE for a year, many are eagerly anticipating the Irishman’s debut on the main roster. I personally don’t think it will happen soon – with his emergence the night after Wrestlemania 32 most realistic. One thing for certain is that the fans would go crazy!

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