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Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Whitten Practises Catching Blindfolded In Training

Dallas Cowboys Tight End Jason Whitten Practises Catching Blindfolded In Training

Some tight ends just have such a great understanding with their quarterbacks that they know where to be at the right times.

Sometimes the understanding is so great that it means they could make a catch blindfolded.

And that’s exactly what has been going on during the Dallas Cowboys’ training sessions this week, as they test the chemistry between tight end and quarterback.

Jason Whitten was fitted with a “vision-obscuring hood” (which actually just looks to be a net for the balls), and attempted to make some catches with his sight partially impaired.

You can check it out in the tweet below.

I suppose that practising catching the ball with your vision partially obstructed would help in game situations where you don’t have the best view, but it does seem like there should be ways of doing so that are less strange than donning a ball bag over your helmet.

Time will tell if the unorthodox coaching methods make a difference in the long run.

But We’ll soon find out when the Cowboys host the New York Giants in week 1 of the new NFL season.

American football

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