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VIDEO: American Ice Hockey Goalie Takes a Break During a Match to Down a Beer

VIDEO: American Ice Hockey Goalie Takes a Break During a Match to Down a Beer

They Americans are crazy, eh?

They love their sports and they love their beer. As far as we know, it had never occurred to them to combine drinking alcohol whilst actually participating in sport. Until now.

During Sunday night’s latest round of American universities ice hockey fixtures, University of Virginia goalie Jake Anderson took a break from tending goal to go over to the sidelines and join in the celebrations with some his side’s fans.

After keeping a clean sheet for the first two periods of play, and with Virginia romping it 7-0, Anderson was understandably in need of some refreshment and decided to chug down a beer given to him by the supporters.

Obviously, the fans loved it, and he’s probably written himself into Virginia folklore.

But was there no Lucozade? Water? Even Coca-Cola would’ve been preferable to a Budweiser!

Despite the fact that the game was being played in America, the referee¬†took a dim view of Anderson’s choice of drink and decided to send him to the sin-bins for a five-minute penalty.

The dismissal cost Anderson his shut-out but Virginia still went on to win 10-1 and now he’ll be heralded as an absolute legend forever more.

Watch the full video here…

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