Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Like a Tangerine Stood Next to Real Madrid Teammate Sergio Ramos

Cristiano Ronaldo Looks Like a Tangerine Stood Next to Real Madrid Teammate Sergio Ramos

Cristiano Ronaldo is much more than your typical footballer, he’s a sex symbol, a modern-day David Beckham… and he’s also really, really orange.

The Portuguese star has steadily earned a reputation for being one of the most vain footballer players in the modern game but as he so often produces the goods on the pitch, we’ve all just came to live with it.

But it appears that Ronaldo may have gone a step to far this time as he posed with Real Madrid teammate Sergio Ramos during a recent training session.

As usual, the 30-year-old played up to the camera and rolled up his shorts to show off his legs, typical Ronaldo you may say…

But on this occasion it seems that the former Manchester United ace’s tan is less Giorgio Armani and more The Only Way is Essex.

The Madrid striker looks like he’s from another planet stood next to a tanned Ramos:


Then again, when you look at Ronaldo’s stats for this season, having scored 12 goals in 12 games, he could be blue with pink polka dots and he’d still be one of the best players of all time.

Maybe just spend a little less time with the spray tan though?

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