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‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin Slams the Giants and the Jets

‘Game of Thrones’ Author George R.R. Martin Slams the Giants and the Jets

When your team boasts a high profile fan like Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, it brings with it certain rewards.

He’s a famous face who gives your franchise credibility and potential increased popularity.

Then again, if you aren’t getting it done on the field, he also has the ability to slam your team in a whole plethora of expressive and descriptive ways to his millions of fans.

And that’s exactly what happened this weekend, as Martin was left infuriated as his team, the New York Jets were blown away 22-17 by the Buffalo Bills.

Martin also fired shots at the Giants as they failed to hold on to a lead against the unbeaten Patriots.

The author explained his angst in great detail before slamming both New York sides for failing to run the ball.

The 67-year-old took to his official blog to vent his unbridled frustrations and show us all that no matter how famous you are, it hurts when your team loses.

Martin wrote as per ESPN:  “Thursday night was a punch in the gut. Yesterday afternoon was another.

“A loss for the Jets, a loss for the Giants. But not just any losses. BAD losses. The kind that really hurt. My guys should have won both games.”

“The victories were right there for the taking. So close I could taste them. But no, instead I had to choke down bitter defeats. What’s worse, both teams lost the games in THE SAME WAY, with truly inexplicable play-calling when the game was on the line. Deep inside the opponents’ territory, the goal line just a few feet ahead, the clock running down… all the Jets needed to do, all the G-Men needed to do, was RUN RUN RUN the ball, wind down the clock, make the opponent burn his final timeouts, then kick the winning field goal or score the winning touchdown.”

The award-winning author, who has himself been heavily criticised over the internet after killing off several Game of Thrones characters, continued:

“Instead both the Jets and Giants chose to pass, pass, pass. Incompletions stopped the clock. The Jets did not manage to score at all, the Giants settled for a FG and a lead but left too much time for Tom Brady.

“I guess they couldn’t hear me screaming at my TV set.”

“Life is miserable and full of pain.”

A tad on the dramatic side George… but we know where you’re coming from.

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