NBA Superstar Steph Curry Compares Himself to Leo Messi

NBA Superstar Steph Curry Compares Himself to Leo Messi

Leo Messi better get his skates on if he wants to stay in Steph Curry’s league.

Whilst the Barcelona man has been injured, the Golden State Warriors are dominating the NBA, laying waste to every opponent in front of them, thanks to the likes of Andre Iguadola, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green, and, of course, Steph Curry.

In case you’re not a big basketball fan, Curry is the jewel in the West Coast franchise’s crown, and he’s the man keeping the fans entertained on a game-to-game basis.

And in an interview with ESPN, the 27-year-old shooter reckons there are comparisons to be drawn between himself and the four-time Ballon d’Or winner, saying he and Messi are both ‘fancy’.

He said: “We both have a creative style, where it’s just about a feel when you’re out on the pitch or on the court.

“I try to do the fancy things out there by going with both hands, making crossover moves and having a certain creativity and flair to my game.

“That’s definitely the style that Messi has when he’s out there in his matches. I love watching him play. I’m a big fan, because you never know what he’s going to do at any given moment.

“When he’s on TV, everyone is glued in, because as soon as he gets a touch on the ball, something special could happen.

“You’ve got to appreciate that kind of talent.”

Are there any NBA and Barcelona fanatics out there? Are they both fancy? Let us know your thoughts!


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