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Video: Eagles Fan Was Knocked Out By His Own Brother As Philadelphia Beat the Cowboys

Video: Eagles Fan Was Knocked Out By His Own Brother As Philadelphia Beat the Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles went 4-4 on Sunday night with a win over the Dallas Cowboys in a pulsating game at the AT&T Stadium.

But it seems things got as heated off the field as they did on it, as one Cowboys fan was filmed knocking out an Eagles fan with one punch in the stands.

And now, according to TMZ, it has been revealed that the two fans involved are actually brothers.

It’s understood that the Cowboy-supporting brother was later arrested by officers for assault.

In another twist, according to reports, when officers tried to assist the Phillie fan who was knocked to the ground, he responded by spitting blood at the police and will be arrested after he has been discharged from hospital.

And to make this family drama even more interesting, there was a third brother involved who was also apprehended during the scuffle.

Just an average family day out then, yes?

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