Take Our Sporting Venue in Pictures Quiz

Take Our Sporting Venue in Pictures Quiz

Fancy yourself as a quiz master?

Well, we’ve got the quiz for you – all you need to do is tell us the sporting venues made up from three pictures for each.

Now, that might be quite tough to understand so we’ll give you the first answer below as an example.

Dame Judy Dench played M in James Bond, the second picture shows the sea, or C, and the third picture is £1,000, or a grand, or a G as the kids sometimes call it. So, that makes MCG – the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Prepare yourself, you’ll need a knowledge across football, athletics, cricket and rugby as well as a number of other sports.

But, one thing is for certain, all 20 are among the biggest venues in the sporting world.

Our man @leo_smithson21 is the brains behind the tough challenge so be sure to check him out on Twitter.

Once you take the quiz, be sure to let us know your results in the comments below. Based on early tests in the talkingbaws team, 16/20 is the best yet, but we’re pretty confident that the sporting experts among you will have no problem beating that.

So, good luck and remember to tell us how you did:

Now, how did you do? Give us your results below.


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