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Video: Florida State Sorority Girl Michelle Roque Goes Viral Again in Flag Football Reel

Video: Florida State Sorority Girl Michelle Roque Goes Viral Again in Flag Football Reel

Internet sensation Michelle Roque has been at it again, ladies and gentlemen.

The Florida State girl, who went viral last year after showing off some seriously insane moves on the football field, is back with another breathtaking highlights reel.

Roque, a member of the Delta Gamma flag football squad, is most definitely hogging the college sport limelight at the moment with her performances.

In this latest highlights video, the ridiculously talented female quarterback – sporting her usual number 16 jersey – looks pretty unstoppable at times, leaving opponents in her wake.

Roque’s incredible passing range is also accompanied by her elusive, and at times ankle-breaking, agility when it comes to running with the ball. It appears she can do it all.

This highlights compilation won’t be the last you see of Michelle Roque, that’s for sure.

You can see her in action in the video below.

[youtube id=”UO8hYsy553U” align=”center” mode=”normal” maxwidth=”860″]

Pretty impressive, huh?

Source: CBSSports

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