Video: President Obama Sinks a Brilliant 40-Foot Chip Shot Whilst on Holiday

Video: President Obama Sinks a Brilliant 40-Foot Chip Shot Whilst on Holiday

It must be great being President Obama.

Not only is he the most powerful man on the planet, and recognised as the leader of the free world, but he always has a crowd on hand to witness his amazing golf and basketball shots.

He can hold court in the senate, or in a few various sporting arenas. Very cool.

It may seem like an unlikely perk of the job, but the multi-sport president has been making the most of it during his annual festive family holiday to Hawaii, where Obama sunk an incredible 40-foot chip shot whilst negotiating the tough 18th hole.

He even celebrated by giving the chuffed watching crowd a little point and a tip of his cap, before calmly swaggering over to collect his ball like an absolute boss.

Fair play, Barack. Fair play.

Tiger Woods, eat your heart out. Check out the brilliant shot for yourself here…


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