Lebron James Targeted With Abuse From Israeli Fans After David Blatt Firing

Lebron James Targeted With Abuse From Israeli Fans After David Blatt Firing

LeBron James is being targeted by Israeli basketball fans on Instagram following the firing of Cavaliers head coach David Blatt.

Blatt, an Israeli citizen, was sacked by the team last Friday and several sources are reporting that James may have played a significant role in the decision to relieve him of his position.

Blatt is of course an incredibly popular figure in Israeli basketball after coaching Maccabi Tel-Aviv for four years before joining the Cavaliers.

And with rumours circulating that James was the catalyst for Blatt being removed, the former Miami Heat star is being targeted with screeds of racist abuse on his official Instagram account.

Posts, when translated from Hebrew to English, detail how James should “return to Nigeria” while another user called the player a “son of a bitch”.







Sharon Davidovitch, a sports journalist for Israeli news site Ynet and Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper even told AFP: “LeBron James is now the most hated man in Israel

“It’s a little bit joking and a little bit true.

“These days I can only compare the Israeli hate for LeBron James to the hate for Hamas.”

We know where James won’t be holidaying any time soon.

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