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Video: New York Islanders’ Adam Pelech Takes Stepan’s Skate Blade to the Face

Video: New York Islanders’ Adam Pelech Takes Stepan’s Skate Blade to the Face

Adam Pelech has gone a long way in proving that professional hockey stars are definitely up there with the toughest sports athletes this week.

If that wasn’t apparent already, of course.

The New York Islanders defender found himself on the wrong side, and on the chase, of the New York Rangers’ Derek Stepan at the Barclays Centre on Thursday night.

Pelech was able to close some ground quickly and dove in a last-ditch effort to knock the puck away from the Rangers forward and prevent a great scoring chance.

Pelech swiped and missed the puck, but stuttered Stepan on the way to the net as he tried to get a free shot on Jaroslav Halak.

Stepan lost the puck in the process, but as it appeared Stepan was trying to follow through on a shot, his skate came up.

Now at ice-level, Pelech’s face was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

You can check it out below.

Pelech did have to leave the ice for a large portion of the period but returned to action after being treated.

It could leave a scar, but his face didn’t seem as bad as first suspected.


Source: CBSSports

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