Kentucky Wildcats Fan Hilariously Falls Down Stairs After Picking Up Random Girl

Kentucky Wildcats Fan Hilariously Falls Down Stairs After Picking Up Random Girl

One Kentucky Wildcats fan will be waking up with a sore head this morning after a remarkable performance during his team’s match.

The senior supporter was taking in his side’s fixture against the Georgia Bulldogs on Tuesday night, and as the Wildcats romped to a victory 82-48 victory, he decided to get up off his seat and give his fellow supporters a little jig.

To his surprise, a young female fan got up and joined him, much to the laughter of onlookers.

But things took a rather unexpected turn when he attempted to pick her up, and jog down the concrete stairs. We probably shouldn’t laugh but, you know, it’s hard not to.

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It’s probably more than his ego that’s bruised this morning.

They say basketball is a young man’s game, but, apparently, so is being a fan.

Lets just hope both of them weren’t too badly injured.

Is this the biggest nightmare you’ve ever seen a fan or supporter have during a match?

Let us know in the comments section below…


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