Panthers Safety Roman Harper is Renting Out His Apartment to Watch Super Bowl 50

Panthers Safety Roman Harper is Renting Out His Apartment to Watch Super Bowl 50

Carolina Panthers safety Roman Harper is a nice guy.

He’s so nice in fact, that he’s inviting you round his place to watch Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night.

Of course, Harper won’t be around, he’ll be in California trying to win the Panthers their first ever NFL championship against Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos.

The listing for Harper’s apartment was posted on according to ESPN, and offered a fan and a friend the chance to rent Harper’s apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina for a night and watch Sunday’s big game.

The price of the stay came in at around $5,000, with Harper promising that the fee (which will be matched by will go toward his own Home 41 Foundation.

The listing promises: “Come watch me play in the Super Bowl — from my own couch,” and that “no pets allowed…especially Broncos.”

Harper has also promised that he will throw in a signed football to anyone willing to crash at his place.

Sounds a sweet deal to us… where do we sign?


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